Best mattress protectors for bed wetting

Bed wetting can be very common in children and young people and, in most cases, should not be a cause for concern. Equipping yourself with the right tools such as waterproof mattress protectors can really help make periods of bed wetting much easier for you and for your little one. Finding the best waterproof mattress protectors for bed wetting is key when it comes to making middle of the middle of the night bed changes a breeze and getting everyone back to sleep as quickly as possible!

Choose the right sized mattress protector

In order to allow your waterproof mattress protector to work properly it is really important to get the right sized mattress protector for your bed. Things to consider:

  • mattress size – it may be tempting to try and make a single waterproof mattress protector work on a cot bed but choosing the right sized protector will ensure it stays securely in place. Our mattress covers and protectors are sized from cot bed through to king and super king bed so whatever size bed you have you can select the perfect easy fitting protector
  • mattress depth – mattress depth can vary enormously and if you have a deep mattress you may end up struggling to fit your waterproof mattress protector over it which may mean it isn’t securely held in place. Our mattress protectors easily cover a mattress up to 30cm in depth making them easier to put on and ensures they stay in place
White fitted sheet on a mattress with mattress protector

Waterproof mattress protectors

It should really go without saying but make sure your mattress covers and protectors are 100% fully waterproof. Most protectors are, however, be very wary of terms such as “up to” 100% waterproof. You need confidence your mattress protector will keep any potential leaks and accidental spills well away from your mattress. “100% waterproof” and “absorbent” are key phrases to look out for. Brands that are super confident in how waterproof their protectors are will often demonstrate this via video so this is worth a check as well.

It is worth remembering though that lower quality waterproof mattress protectors can be stiff or even noisy if someone rolls over in bed. Look for soft mattress protectors that are both comfy and discreet.

Make sure it can be tumble dried

While most of us try to use the tumble drier as little as possible, being able to machine wash and then tumble dry your mattress protector is a real game changer especially after a night of multiple accidents. Hippychick mattress proctors are all machine washable at 60 degrees and can be dried on your dryer’s lowest heat setting, easy!

pile of laundry next to tumbe dryer

Mattress protector and bottom sheet in one

Choosing waterproof mattress protectors that can also double up as a bottom fitted sheet makes changing bedding in the middle of the night a breeze. Our fitted Tencel mattress protector is a super soft bottom fitted sheet and mattress protector all in one. No need for a top sheet which means less laundry, less hassle and less time needed for bed changes!

Mattress protector and fitted sheet in one tightly stretched over a mattress

Additional benefits

As well as making sure you’ve chosen the best mattress protectors for bed wetting it’s worth checking what other benefits your chosen protector may offer. Hippychick’s bedding protection range also offers an anti allergy protection barrier which is particularly good at protecting against dust mites, the single biggest cause of common allergies including hayfever as well as asthma.

white pillow and bed sheet on top of mattress

Once you’ve chosen your mattress protector it’s worth giving some thought to the benefits of other bedding protectors such as pillow protectors and duvet protectors to protect all your bedding. Waterproof bedding protectors are not just for bedwetting accidents, they offer protection for your bedding (mattresses, duvets, pillows) keeping it fresher and like new for longer.


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