Should I use bedding protectors?

Often, when people think of bedding protectors they immediately think of mattress protectors for little ones. Whilst mattress protectors are undoubtedly key when transitioning out of nappies at night time, bedding protectors shouldn’t just be thought of to help with night time accidents.

single bed with mattress protector on it

An anti-allergy barrier

Depending on the type of bedding protection you choose and the material it is made from, it can provide an anti-allergy barrier against dust mites. Dust mites are very small insects which are found in household dust. They are are one of the biggest causes of allergies including hay fever. The NHS recommends using quality, allergy tested mattress, pillow and duvet protectors to limit their spread in your home.

white duvet with duvet bedding protector

Types of bedding protectors

Bedding protection is not just limited to mattress protection but also includes pillow protectors and duvet protectors. By using bedding protection on all three you not only benefit from greater defence against dust mites but you are also protecting the whole bed against any accidents and spills. Bedding protection which is 100% waterproof protects your duvet, mattress and pillows from stains and is more hygienic.

Pillow protectors

Pillow protectors prevent moisture permeating the pillow case and entering the pillow which can lead to mould and increased risk of dust mites. Our pillow protectors are 100% waterproof and yet super soft and comfortable.

Duvet protectors

Like pillow protectors, duvet protectors are often forgotten about. Using them can offer the same dust mite protection as other bedding protection and also, in the case of night time accidents, can protect the duvet from staining and spoiling. Our duvet protectors are even suitable for light to medium adult incontinence.

duvet protector on bed

Mattress protectors

The most popular of all bedding protection, it is really important to make sure the mattress protector you choose is 100% waterproof. You can choose from a flat sheet protector which sits on top of the mattress and underneath your sheet or a fitted sheet mattress protector. There is no need to use a noisy, uncomfortable mattress protector anymore, there are so many materials available from Tencel to super soft cotton which offer a comfortable and discreet protector.

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