“We’re committed to discovering and developing innovative and original products that are truly beneficial for parents and children alike.”

Julia Minchin, Hippychick Founder

In 1999, at a kitchen table in Somerset, Hippychick was born

It was Julia Minchin’s table and it was her first product – the innovative back-saving Hipseat – that got everything started.

From there Hippychick has blossomed into a booming business committed to helping new parents on their journey through parenthood – offering a helping hand with practical solutions for the tricky bits, and a plethora of beautifully designed luxury toys and gifts that you’ll want to treasure forever – long after your children have flown the nest.

We’re here to help make the tricky bits just a little bit easier, with hundreds of practical solutions to daily problems. Many of our products are our own invention. But we also collaborate with other parents (they’re the experts after all) who have lightbulb moments that we help develop and take to market.

child sat on hippychick hipseat

Here at Hippychick, we’re all about making parents’ lives easier. When life is easier, it’s more fun!

Our name is quite cute and fluffy and so are many of our products but we are also very practical and hard-working. We expect a lot from our products. As a parent, when you use something every day, it’s often the little details that count. We notice those things too. Wherever we can we buy British. We like clever ideas – especially ones from the experts: parents. We’re extremely proud of all our products. We hope you love them as much as we do!

Want more of an insight into the world of Hippychick? Listen to the It Runs In The Family Podcast!

  • Good design is everything to us
  • Our products are a pleasure to use
  • Our products are made to last
  • They all have something unique
  • Our products have won many awards
  • Our customer service is highly rated

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