Not just for kids! Our award-winning, multi-use waterproof mattress protectors

Think ‘mattress protector’ and what probably springs to mind is a thick, plastic sheet that sounds and feels like sleeping on a bin liner or tarpaulin. You’d expect sweaty, noisy, uncomfortable nights and, if an accident does happen, a puddle to sleep in.

So what if we told you that today’s multi-use waterproof mattress protectors are as soft, breathable and luxurious as regular cotton sheets – yet still 100% waterproof and absorbent?

We’ve tracked down what we believe to be the absolute best on the market. Carewell Living Mattress Protectors really have to be seen and felt to be believed. Use them on your child’s bed (or yours, if they sometimes hop in) and they’ll be perfectly comfortable. If they wet the bed? The waterproof sheets are easy to whip off, wash and line dry.

Award Worthy Mattress Protection – Ask the Experts!

The experts agree – we’re delighted to report that we’ve just won Gold at the 2015 Mother & Baby Awards for Best Potty Training Product!

baby laying on bed

We’ve had nothing but positive feedback from customers who have bought our multi-use waterproof mattress protectors – and not just from parents…

Incontinence can affect adults of any age, but may be of particular concern in later years. In fact, the NHS says around one in four adults has experienced bowel or bladder weakness and between 3 and 6 million people in the UK have some degree of urinary incontinence.

Grandparents Staying? – Use Discreet Bed Protectors

Carwell Living Bed Protectors fit adult-size single, double and king-size beds. Perhaps you have elderly relatives coming to visit and want peace of mind without embarrassing them? Or maybe you could use them yourself at home. If continence problems have prevented you or a relative from travelling, going on holidays or visiting friends and loved ones, they needn’t do so anymore. (They can also come in handy if you’re in the later stages of pregnancy or the weeks post childbirth, to stop mattresses getting stained.)

woman laying on waterproof mattress protector
Hippychick Waterproof Mattress Protectors come in all sizes, for adult as well as children’s beds

Thanks to advanced fabric technology, multi-use waterproof mattress protectors feel just like normal sheets – if not more comfortable. Feel the underside of the sheet and you’ll see how it protects the bed from leaks. But the top layer is a soft, brushed Tencel or cotton that feels beautiful to lie on and is perfectly breathable. Tencel is a naturally hygienic fibre made from 100% biodegradable (sustainable) wood pulp cellulose. It is as cool as linen, soft as silk and has a unique moisture absorption capacity to draw away moisture and keep you cool.

multi-use waterproof mattress protectors
Our Mattress Protectors come in different fabrics, fits and shades and really take the stress out of bedtime – or playtime

We also have a range of waterproof bedding protectors, in high-quality soft jersey fabric with an undetectable layer of polyurethane:

multi-use waterproof mattress protectors
Waterproof Pillow Protectors are a comfortable cotton-polyester mix, with breathable polyurethane lining

Give it a try and let us know how you get on!

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