Our commitment to preserving the planet

Babies are, and will always be, the cornerstone of Hippychick’s business.

But to ensure their successful future we’re ever conscious that we need to work our socks off to protect and preserve our planet – not only for them, but for their babies and their babies’ babies too.

As such, making our business as sustainable as it can be is a HUGE HIPPYCHICK priority.

Whilst we’re not going to claim right now to be the greenest company on the planet (but please do watch this space), we are genuinely making significant inroads, thanks to the newly retained Hippychick environmental champions Kathryn & Alex dedicated to the cause as well as unwavering  buy-in from the whole Hippychick team.

As a quality business, it has always been our policy to list products that have natural materials at their core.  So all good there.

But packaging remains a big challenge and one which we believe we can dramatically improve upon.  Wherever possible, we’re ditching the plastic and replacing it with more sustainable materials such as recycled cardboard and Kraft Paper.

We’re looking at moving much of our manufacturing closer to home – so we can greatly reduce our carbon footprint.  In fact, our latest feeding pillow is already being manufactured in the UK and our bed protectors in Europe.

We’re consolidating our suppliers in the Far East, buying in larger quantities and less frequently to reduce the number of shipments crossing the ocean.

And last but by no means least, we will remain steadfast in our commitment to only bringing products into our portfolio that truly stand the test of time. That means that when your baby has outgrown them, they can be used over and over again, remaining in little hands for generations to come rather than being consigned to landfill. Tick.

Thank you for supporting us and for buying Hippychick.  Check back to find out more ways we are working to secure the future for our children.

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