The Hippychick Guide on How to Get the Best Out of Mother’s Day During a Pandemic

The Hippychick Guide on How to Get the Best Out of Mother’s Day During a Pandemic:

At Hippychick, mums are literally at the centre of everything we do. We know how special they are, and want to help salvage another pandemic celebration.

As it can often be a bit of a let-down. We’ve put together some ideas to help mums dodge some common Mother’s Day disappointments and ensure they get the best out of a day dedicated to them!

Warming Up:

Your loved ones might be surprising you but it’s always better to give them a nudge along. In the run up to Sunday wistfully musing aloud on the last time you had breakfast in bed should get the cogs whirring, as well as how the kitchen table ‘would just look so much nicer with some colourful flowers on it’ .

Use the Power of Mother’s Day

Unfortunately most of the time, requests for children to help tidy up or do jobs around the house fall on deaf ears/eyes staring at a screen. Mother’s Day gives you a divine right for a bit more respect, so do cash in this reluctant help on any future jobs for the week ahead.

This also works with music selection and film choice. Be warned though, there is a fine line, and turning into a complete totalitarian could ruin the relaxed evening you were dreaming of with grumpy children/partners.

The Gin Jog –

As nice as it is to pampered, we all need some me time. Call out ‘I just need a bit of fresh air’ before setting off in all your running kit. The exercise should go as far as a sheltered spot in the garden which has a pre-stored tipple of your fancy. Enjoy an uninterrupted 15 minutes peace and quiet before returning breathless and innocently suggesting a post-run massage.

Expect the Dreaded Zoom  

For those not able to see their loved ones yet – another zoom call is on the horizon. The day is shared with your mother-in-law and mother too, so smile on camera and give them 45 minutes or so before claiming poor WIFI and pulling the plug.

Avoiding the Inedible Feast

Hopefully Mother’s Day means a day away from you having to cook and do the washing up. This will be accompanied by a sweet offer from the kids/partner to do it instead.

Inevitably you’ll either be called in to check, and end up doing the majority, or suffer a repeat of last year’s blackened attempt, served near midnight. Just suggest your favourite takeaway early on and retreat to the bath…

Bath Time –

Set out when you’ll be having your bath early on and make sure the chardonnay is chilled. Give them a 20 minute warning to go to the loo beforehand, and then lock the door and don’t open it for anyone.

Cooling Down:

It’s been a testing year so we need to make the most of any chances to enjoy ourselves. Don’t feel guilty about not sorting out that fight or tantrum, we can assure you there will be plenty of opportunities in the future! Have a good one, you deserve it.


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