The best waterproofs for puddle jumping

Splish splash – let’s go puddle jumping! There’s something really special about puddle jumping, it let’s off steam, stretches legs on a rainy day and, put simply, is just really great fun! Puddle jumping is so popular there are even annual championships to find the best puddle splasher! But, before your little ones dive in head first (hopefully figuratively not literally!) it really is worth making sure they’ve got the right waterproofs for puddle jumping. Like any outdoor activity with children, the right equipment, and therefore the right puddle jumping suit will keep them happy and having fun for longer.

Puddle jumping = mud & dirt

There’s no getting away from it, puddle jumping is wet and muddy! It is best to accept that all waterproofs for puddle jumping will get covered in mud! Choosing a kids piddle jumping suit which is easily wipeable and machine washable makes dealing with the aftermath a breeze. Our range of toddler waterproof suits are all made from high quality peach skin polyester which is easily wipeable, perfect for getting rid of the worst of the dirt at the scene. Then simply pop the waterproof suit in a plastic bag or box and transfer straight to the washing machine once you’re home. A quick spin on a 30 degree wash, hang to dry and then your waterproofs for puddle jumping are ready to go again!

Little boy splashing in puddles wearing a puddle jumping suit

Puddle jumpers need protecting from leaks!

If you have an enthusiastic puddle jumper on your hands then you definitely need to make sure your waterproof is leak proof! Seams, zips and cuffs are the usual leak points so worth paying attention to. By choosing a high quality, performance waterproof with taped seam you and quality zips you know you’ll be leak free. Our puddle jumping waterproofs also have adjustable tabs on the hood, wrists, ankles and waist which not only ensure a comfy fit but also help keep the water out!

Little girl jumping in a puddle jumping suit

Snuggly puddle jumping waterproof or lightweight?

When choosing a puddle jumping waterproof, give some thought to the outside temperature and also how much your toddler typically feels the heat or cold. If the mercury is approaching 0 a fleece lined waterproof will keep them happy and snuggly while they splash away. Alternatively, if you’re puddle jumping in Spring, or your little one is usually quite warm bodied then a lightweight and breathable puddle jumping waterproof or packasuit might just be the perfect choice!

Twin boys running through the rain whilst wearing red kids waterproof suits


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