How should I start a baby bedtime routine?

Ask any sleep deprived parent and starting a bedtime routine is likely to be a pretty key priority. Whilst nothing compares to newborn cuddles, a bedtime routine for baby can free up arms for cooking, allow exhausted parents to shower and, possibly, even allow parents or carers a chance to talk to one another for 5 minutes. Knowing when and how to start a baby bedtime routine can be tricky so here are our top tips.

When should I start a baby bedtime routine?

Knowing when is the right time to introduce a bedtime routine will depend on so many factors; your baby, how you choose to parent, how the birth went, how feeding is going as well as your own personal choice. Broadly speaking, it is recommended that baby should be at least three months old before trying to introduce a bedtime routine. Before three months old your baby is still adjusting to the world outside of the womb and has no sense of day or night.

What should a baby bedtime routine include?

By establishing a bedtime routine you are trying to create a sense of calm and relaxation so baby can drift easily off to sleep. Keeping this in mind, a bedtime routine should focus on calm – no bright lights, loud noises or exciting games. Some great, calm bedtime routine ideas include:

  • a calming bath for baby
  • reading a bedtime story
  • singing a lullaby or nursery rhyme
  • saying goodnight to everyone

We recommend dimming lights where possible and enjoying a cuddle during story or lullaby time.

Baby cuddled up asleep in parents arms

Is there any tech that can help with bedtime?

Your baby’s bedtime routine will be unique to you and your family and there is absolutely no need to use anything or include any specific activity into it. That being said, baby’s sometimes need a little help reaching and staying in a relaxed sleepy state and there several great sleep solutions that can really help:

  1. myHummy Baby Bear is a white noise sleep solution toy with a variety of settings including five different sounds; white noise, pink noise, rainfall, ocean waves and amniotic fluid with heartbeat. The clever sleep sensor restarts the sound if baby stirs or you opt to have the sound running continuously.
  2. Cellular blanket the open weave and cell structure of a quality cellular blanket helps keep baby warm in the winter and cool in the summer, perfect for promoting a great night’s sleep
  3. Litecup baby is perfect if you’re introducing a baby bedtime routine for an older baby over six months. This clever sippy cup comes with an integral nightlight to avoid middle of the night spills.
LIttle boy asleep with a light up sippy cup

Things to remember

All babies are different and so the specific age when a baby is ready for a bedtime routine will be completely unique to them. Even if you’re baby isn’t quite ready for a specific bedtime routine and time yet, by introducing and being fairly consistent with whichever elements of a bedtime routine suit your family your baby is likely to associate them with a state of relaxation and calm. Sleep will come and although it may not feel like it at the time, they will only be little for such a short period of time, embrace the middle of the night cuddles!

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