What are parents with young children looking forward to as we emerge from isolation?

Just prior to Stage 2 of the Government Road Map out of lockdown scheduled for Monday 12th April, Hippychick invited parents to reveal all through their social media channels. 

“I want to do something which will really help my kids to burn off the pent up frustrations, stress and anxiety that has accumulated over the past year.  My local trampoline park which opens on Monday should do the trick.” 

“I want to be able to send the kids over to their grandparents while I have an evening to myself, to luxuriate in a deep bath without anyone banging on the door saying they need a wee and then indulge in a long, lazy lie in the following morning.”

“Yes, I’m looking forward to going out on a dinner date.  But I’m afraid my husband isn’t top of the list.  It’s my bff who will have first refusal.

“To be able to sit at my computer, browse whatever takes my fancy, and take my time about it, without a child trying to kick me off, claiming they need it for schoolwork.” 

“I want to go swimming, with the whole family, inhale the chlorine, splash around, ride a wave machine.”

“To sit inside a coffee shop, instead of having to juggle my coffee, whilst on the hoof, steering the buggy and holding a toddler’s hand at the same time.”

“I want to go and sit in the hairdressers and have a banal chat with my stylist about nothing at all.  I want to have the full works – colour, highlights, cut, blow dry.  I want it to take as long as possible and I want the comfy massage chair while I’m having my hair washed.  Whatever it costs.” 

“Forget personal trainers, I want to work out in a huge studio with a big sweaty group of people I don’t know again – it’s weird how I’ve come to miss the things I used to hate.”

“I can’t wait to take my daughter to soft play.  That’s what’s really been absent for her over this difficult twelve months.  I do worry about the long term impact of a year not being able to play with other children her own age.”  

“I want to go to my nan’s house, with my toddler, and have a sleepover.  I’ve missed her so much!”

“Go on a holiday!!!  Wherever, whatever, however.  Anything will do.  Just take me there.  Right now.”

What are you most looking forward to when life goes back to normal?  Please leave your comments on the box below.  We’d love to hear from you. 

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