Toy Storage Solutions You And The Kids Will Love

Any parent will tell you that one of the hazards of starting a family, is the carpet of toys scattered liberally around your home at all times, seemingly designed to trip you up at every turn. 

Storing toys sensibly is the only solution.  It’s also a good way to implement the art of rotation, so your child doesn’t get overwhelmed with too much choice.  The idea is that when they pull out a toy that they haven’t seen for a while, it will seem like Christmas, even though it’s still Spring. 

You don’t need to approach the task with dread.  Sorting out the acres of toys is something that can actually be fun, allowing you an opportunity to spend some quality time with your children, as well as add a bit of style and flair to your home, too. 

White storage containers in a childs bedroom

Here are some of our top tips for toy storage solutions which both you and your children will love.  

Take a trip to your local DIY store and invest in some multi coloured, clear stackable containers and pack them into sensible groups – books, cuddlies, building blocks etc.  Provide sticky labels and pens for additional reference and encourage your children to design and decorate these before sticking them to the box.  A floor to ceiling wall of stackable containers, if you have enough toys and boxes, will make a great feature in a child’s bedroom. 

Make a plan to only invest in toys that have a fold away function when not in use.  The Tabletop Easel is a great space saving idea and can be slipped under a chest of drawers, a bed, or in the side of a wardrobe when not in use.  

Child playing with a magnetic easel

Hammocks make a statement design addition to a child’s bedroom and are great toy storage solutions for soft, cuddly toys.  Hang them over your child’s bed and it will be like Pinata every night!

Attach wire window box planters purchased from your local garden centre to the wall (make sure they are at a height that your child can reach them).  You can fill these up with colourful toys and books They’ll be a lot less expensive than ones that are designed specifically for toy storage and will look just as good. 

Bulky toys designed for outdoor play are always problematic, particularly if you live in a small space and don’t have a shed or a garage.  Invest in toys that not only inflate but deflate too.  Then you can store them away easily in one of your stacking boxes when not in use.

Little girl bouncing on an inflatable dinosaur

Lots of toys come in oversized packaging that don’t really justify the contents, particularly some board games and jigsaw puzzles.  Decant the pieces into zip up plastic envelopes – but remember to cut out the jigsaw puzzle picture and stick it to the front of the envelope. 

Be sure to pick up the Lego and store it away after use as it will cripple you if you tread on it.  Alternatively, introduce your children to building and stacking toys that are kind to bare feet such as Dena.

Little girl playing with colourful silicone toys

A shoe organiser that you can hang over the door is a low cost but stylish way for storing Barbies and any other figures your child loves to collect. 

Our final piece of advice is that you set aside a significant amount of time. Remember the last time you sorted through some photographs and whiled away several hours studying every single one in minute detail?  Your kids will be just the same as they rediscover old favourites that will undoubtedly become their new BFF’s again. 

Good luck!


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