Some of the reasons to celebrate dads this Father’s Day

Whether they’re still around and play an active role in your life or whether they are recently or long gone, dads will always evoke memories on Father’s Day.

In anticipation of this annual commemoration of paternal prowess, we asked some of our Hippychick employees to share some of their most memorable ‘dad’ moments and their reasons to celebrate dads this Father’s Day. 

Julia Minchin, Founder and Managing Director

My father told me you couldn’t love food.  You could like it very much!  He always said love was an emotion which should only be expressed for people – or dogs!

He never wanted to be 70 – he felt that was too old.  He died a few days before his birthday and although it was 17 years ago I still think of him every day. 

Julia Minchin - Owner and MD at Hippychick

Mike Bird –  Sales

My dad is awesome.  I know he is always there for me when I need him and although as I am now older and don’t see him as much as I did when I was younger I appreciate any time I have with him.

I have been to some fantastic places with my Dad and the best thing I have shared with him was attending the Live 8 concert back in 2005 although I was 19 then and was probably not “cool” to go with your Dad at that age I am so glad I did as we got the opportunity to see so many fantastic artists.

Mike Bird - Hippychick's Sales Executive /Independent Retail Specialist

Sarah Sturgess – Customer Service

My Dad is amazing and is always there for me and my sisters. We call on him a lot for his brilliant handyman skills. Yesterday evening the wallpaper in the kitchen was ripped by an unruly toddler, by 10am this morning it was fixed an you’d never know! No job is ever too big and there is nothing he can’t fix!

Sarah Sturgess - Hippychick's Customer Services Manager

Leah Harding – Sales Administrator

I don’t really have any memory in particular but when my Mum died my dad was just amazing and took me and my brother to Disney land, he would’ve done anything and everything to try and keep us happy!

Leah Harding - Hippychick's Sales Administrator

Alan Houghton –  Head of Sales

When I was 20 me and my best mate decided to do a spontaneous trip to Torquay for the weekend after work just before Christmas to do Christmas Shopping, however we both ended up spending all of our monthly pay in one weekend and buying no Christmas Presents and had no money left. As a result of this I had to ring my Dad on Christmas Eve from a phone box and ask him to come and pick us up from Torquay and he lived in Barnstaple (some x150 miles round trip) so as you can imagine he was not very impressed! But Dad came and rescued us, what a legend!

Alan Houghton - Hippychick's Sales Manager

Alex Molyneux – Marketing Executive

On my wedding day, my Dad turned up wearing a tie covered in photos of me and my husband he’d had specially made for the occasion.  He even had a pocket square to match! It was hilarious and became quite the conversation piece throughout the whole day.

Alex - Hippychick's Marketing Executive

Do you have a special story about your dad or reasons to celebrate dads this Father’s Day?  Please tell us in the comments below. 

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