I Need a Wee: The Inconvenient Times Your Kid Needs to Pee

Once you start potty training your kids you become an expert in knowing the location of every toilet within a mile radius from where you are. You can spot the wee-wee dance quicker than you used to bust out your ‘Saturday Night’ moves to Whigfield.

There are however, some times when hearing ‘I need a wee’ can make you wish it was someone else’s problem to deal with, or that you could pretend the kid isn’t yours.

I asked the question ‘When have been the most inconvenient times your kids needed to pee’, and the responses I got back were hilarious and a tad awkward.

It seems there are 5 very popular times when kids need a wee. But as we all know, when a kid’s got to pee, they’ve got to pee.

When you are in the car…

Emily – We were recently driving home along the motorway when my 3 year old yells ‘I need a wee!!’ We pulled over, I picked her up so she could go, and only then she told me she actually needed to poop. So yep, my child popped in a lay by on the M3.

Frances  – On the M25 when testing our new car seats.

Samantha – We waited on a slip road last Christmas trying to get to the services for an hour. Got to the car park and queued for 20 minutes to park. Got in, we all went to the toilet and ate food, came out, queued to get out of the car park for 30 minutes and just as we get past the point of no return (thinking phew at least we won’t have to stop again), my son shouts, “wee wee”!

It’s happened so many times to Laura, she has taken extra precautions…

We have a pee bottle in the car…

When you are shopping…

Beth – In the middle of a bed shop my son decided to scream I NEED A POO MOMMY I was mortified as it was full of people browsing quietly.

Lynne – With hubby in Homebase when he was looking at bathrooms! He ran with her to use the potty in the car. Glad she wasn’t taller or a step present, she’s very quick to jump on a toilet now!

Clare – My daughter had a poo in Poundland. It was her 5th day of potty training and I knew we’d never make it to the nearest toilet in time so I whipped out the portable potty and hid her behind the pram in the back corner of the shop.

When it’s really bad timing…


i need a wee said the flower girl

Sarah – Normally when I’m on the toilet myself.  I hear a little tap on the door “mummy I need a wee” like I’m expected everyone to jump of mid wee and hold it whilst she goes.

In a public place….

Emma – My youngest went through a phase of pooping herself every time she went down the slide. And her older sister when she was younger once did a poo on the potty at the top of the slide.

Laura – In the submarine ride at Legoland! He just started crying he couldn’t wait and there was nothing I could do to stop him, I just desperately tried to clear up the mess with baby wipes after!

I need a wee at disneyland

Katie – We booked a submarine tour whilst on holiday, she was 3 at the time. 5 minutes into the journey she decided that she had to wee immediately. It was a long hour to be trapped with complete strangers and a bucket of wee.

Emma – There was the time my youngest shouted very loudly that she had just done a poo in her swimsuit in the sea. All the kids ran out of the water like jaws was in there.

When it’s really really quiet…

Clare – We were in a school assembly once and my then 4 year old stood up when it was so quiet and shouted “I NEED A WEE AND POO” – everyone was laughing and I was cringing!

Nicola – During quiet prayer in a church service, my daughter announced she needed a POO in her loudest voice. She then told everyone the service was BORING as we headed towards the back.  Her father was leading the service.

It’s not just the kids that get caught short though is it Laura?

I once needed a wee on the M6 but with nowhere to stop, and my pelvic floor not what it was, I had to get into the foot well and wee into an empty McDonald’s cup! Not my proudest moment!

Introducing Tron

To help you out with those messy situations in the future, allow me to introduce you to TRON.  Tron is a disposable portable potty that fits in your handbag.  It’s designed for children aged 1 – 6.  The potty is biodegradable and comes with it’s own leak proof pad. Simply unfold, use, refold and dispose.  Whether you are stuck in the car, or on the beach miles away from any toilets, Tron is the hygienic way to avoid any little disasters!

tron travel potty

TRON is available from here in recycled brown or white. A great price for an essential item to keep in the car and the pushchair. Multi packs are also available.

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