A Hippychick bib is not just for babies, it's for life!

An investment in a Hippychick Bib is a wise and sustainable one. 

The upcycling possibilities for it, after the baby has made use of it, are endless. 

A Hippychick Little Bib is not just a piece of terry cloth that stains easily.  These bibs are all about the detail – and there’s plenty of it.   Look out for a Velcro neck fastener to keep the bib firmly in place, a catch all front pocket, and one size that’ll take baby through from 6- 24 months.  They are constructed from a tough, wipe clean, water-repellent, stain-resistant fabric that is made entirely from recycled polyester and which machine washes and dries quickly and easily.  And as if that’s not all, the Little Bibs come in a handy three pack so you’ll always have at least one spare. 

baby sat in high chair wearing hippychick bib

As with all things Hippychick you can expect a labour of love.  The bibs feature a set of unique designs, developed by British illustrator, Heather McLaughlin, and which offer thoroughly British themes including animal friends, cuddly sea creatures and an English Garden.

So why would you even think about wasting such a very stylish work of art and practical asset after the baby’s outgrown it?

baby wearing long sleeved bib

Here, we list just some of the possible uses to extend your bib’s life, rather than assigning it to the rubbish tip:-

  1. Keep them in the family.  As with all things Hippychick these bibs are built to last.  Pass them on to other members of the family who are expecting, or just put them away in the airing cupboard – after all, never say never, you might just decide to get pregnant again. 
  2. Donate them to a women’s refuge, charity or even your local maternity ward.
  3. The designs are so lovely, you can turn them into a stylish feature for a child’s bedroom.  Cut triangles out of your outgrown bibs to make a string of decorative bunting.  As the fabric is water-repellent, they will also work well in the garden to adorn a tent or an outdoor play house. 
  4. The waterproof qualities of our baby bibs make them fantastic for creating a waterproof liner for a child’ bedside table to soak up spills from drinks and to prevent furniture damage.  You could even cut them into rounds to function as stylish coasters. 
  5. Caught short while you are out without a changing mat?  Stick one of these bibs under their bottoms and you’re all set. 
  6. Kids planning a tea party or a picnic in the garden?  Stick a Little Bib under their bottoms to keep them from dry from wet grass
  7. These bibs also have possibilities for our furry friends, too.  Got a little dog or cat that’s growing old and incontinent?  Line their bed with these practical waterproof bibs to absorb any accidents. 
  8. Got a drooly dog? We all know one who just can’t help it – as soon as they hear dinner coming out of the oven, it starts, in large stringy quantities.  A Hippychick Bib will catch it and absorb it, saving you the trouble of mopping the floor, as well as them. 
two Labrador dogs wearing hippychick bib
lamb being bottle fed wearing a bib

To find out more about our new Hippychick Bib range click here.

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