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Share your idea and you could win £200

In honour of National Inventors' Day, Hippychick is calling all parents with a new idea up their sleeve to unveil it. Whether it's a rudimentary idea scribbled on the back of a receipt, or a concept you've really spent time considering, all concepts are welcome.

Hippychick has built its foundations on marketing products invented by parents for parents. Founder, Julia Minchin, started the business in the late nineties with her own personal invention, the Hippychick Hipseat - a back supporting baby carrier. Since then, Hippychick has backed the results of many other parents' 'lightbulb' moments to help them realise their dream, from Buggi Lights - ladybird shaped flashing lights which ensure the buggy can be seen for up to fifty years to Litecup - a sippy cup and nightlight in one and winner of the innovation category in the Mother & Baby Awards. Innovative design is also essential to Hippychick's portfolio and Babymule, a revolutionary and milti -  award winning baby changing bag which doubles up as a messenger bag and backpack in one is a perfect gift. 


So if you're a parent who spends their sleepless nights dreaming up products to help make their life easier, we want to hear from you! 

In order to qualify, you must submit a sketch of your idea (if appropriate), with a supporting statement of no more than 200 words. We will pick a winner from the entries and award the product we deem to be the most inventive as well as viable in the retail market, £200 in cash. We will also, subject to agreement, be delighted to work with the winner to help to get their product designed, manufactured and to market. 

Please ensure your 200 word statement describes the products, and what you see it being used for. 

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Terms & Conditions

Competition closes on the 31st March 2017. Ideas must not yet be available on the market as a finished product. The entries will be judged by Hippychick Founder Julia Minchin, along with her marketing team. The entry deemed to be the most inventive as well as commercially viable in her opinion, will receive a cash prize of £200. If the winner wishes Hippychick to help take the product to market, a separate agreement will be drawn up and expenses involved with taking the project further will be discussed separately. If none of the ideas are considered to be viable on any level, no winner will be selected. Hippychick reserves the right to make this decision.