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                                                                            Reserve your Omnio Stroller! 

This British innovation is a full size stroller with a compact fold. Omnio is set to transform the way parents contend with physical scenarios, every day and on holiday. Its unique wearable design leaves both hands free for parenting when a toddler is happy to walk, and the revolutionary omni-wheels offer agile steering across multiple terrains. 

Continuous improvement and innovation are the driving force behind the development of the Omnio range. They are passionate about creating premium quality products where user-centred design is at the core of every decision they make. 

Compact Fold

The sleek yet robust aluminium frame transforms to compact proportions in a matter of seconds, folding down to 53 x 41 x 22cm (with the wheels removed) or 28cm deep with the wheels on, making the Omnio Stroller ideal for compact living, taking up minimal storage space in the home or car. It will tuck neatly away under a table or desk, or stored in a cupboard of overhead locker. 

Yes, there are other strollers on the market that will fold to a smaller size. However, the Omnio Stroller is the only compact lightweight stroller that will comfortably carry a child of up to 22kg. In fact, if you don't put anything in the rear pocket or shopping net, Omnio has been approved to carry a market leading 27kg in total. 


Omni-wheels explained: An omni-wheel is best described as a 'wheel of wheels'. 

Instead of a traditional tyre around the outer edge of the wheel, it has a series of curved rollers. This means the omni-wheel can rotate like a standard wheel and it can also roll sideways, on the roller in contact with the ground, without having to swivel and is well suited to handle multiple terrains. Omnio is the first stroller to market using omni-wheels to provide a superior steering experience compared to the castor wheels originally used on strollers. 

It travels in a straight line beautifully and yet responds to a light touch for easy steering, even when pushing the Omnio Stroller one-handed. The wheels are manafactured in the highest quality polymers to ensure their strength, durability and performance. Their omni-wheels have undergone rigorous testing and on a variety of terrains and we are confident that they are going to revolutionise strollers and make Omnio the perfect travel companion, wherever you go. 




An adjustable, six-point child's harness doubles up to act as a full backpack harness when carrying Omnio on your back, and the generous seat padding gives comfort to both child and parent. We believe that the Omnio Stroller offers great all round comfort for exploring a city, on a family walk or a bike ride. Parents will appreciate having both hands free for parenting, when trying to negotiate staircases or escalators. Taking the Omnio Stroller when going out for the day, so that you don't have to carry your tired toddler home again, could give your family more confidence to take that day trip to London or enjoy a longer day out at a festival or national park. 

Key Features


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