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Waterproof Mattress Protectors for Adults

The Hippychick Waterproof Mattress Protectors are high quality & discreet, and they are not only 100% waterproof and absorbent, they are as soft, breathable and luxurious as regular cotton sheets. Feeling the soft cotton, or Tencel wood fibre (depending on which option you choose), it is difficult to see how something that feels so luxurious can be so practical.

Hippychick's waterproof sheets take a much needed, but also much maligned, product and transform it into a comfortable, soft, undetectable piece of essential bedding. Think 'mattress protector' and what may spring to mind is a thick plastic sheet that sounds and feels like sleeping on a bin liner or tarpaulin, and is both sweaty and uncomfortable. Not so any more, the undetectable layer of polyurethane makes these adult mattress protectors 100% waterproof without the awful feeling of lying on, or being sandwiched between, a crisp packet! In fact we would go so far as to say that our mattress protectors feel just like normal sheets - if not better.

Our mattress protectors feel just like normal sheets...

Happy woman lying on waterproof mattress protector sheet

Key features:

  • Made from pure brushed cotton or 100% biodegradable wood pulp (Tencel)
  • Ultra soft, absorbent, comfortable and discreet
  • Anti allergy barrier - protects against dust mites which are a major cause of hay fever and asthma
  • Machine washable (60°C) (there may be marginal shrinkage on first wash)
  • Low heat tumble dry or line dry
  • Oeko-Tex Standard 100 (Class 1 - suitable for everyone from babies to grandparents)
  • Endorsed by ERIC, the childhood continence charity

Sizes and Colours:

  • Flat sheet cotton (white): Single, Double
  • Fitted cotton (white): Single, Double, King
  • Flat sheet Tencel (pink, blue, lime): Single, Double
  • Fitted Tencel (white, pink, blue and lemon): Single, Double, King, Super King

Actual sizing:

  • Flat sheets: Single (100 x 150cm); Double (150 x 200cm)
  • Fitted cotton: Single (90 x 190cm); Double (140 x 190cm); King (150 x 200cm)
  • Fitted Tencel: Single (90 x 200cm); Double (140 x 200cm); King (150 x 200cm); Super King (180 x 200cm)


Incontinence can affect adults of any age, but may be of particular concern in later years. If you do suffer with incontinence, you are certainly not alone. In fact, the NHS says around one in four adults has experienced bowel or bladder weakness and between 3 and 6 million people in the UK have some degree of urinary incontinence.

Many people who suffer from a bladder control problem are often too embarrassed to share it with anyone. But talking about it, especially with a health professional, is the best first step you can take to taking back control.

The NHS can provide trained experts who are entirely used to dealing with these sorts of issues. They are on hand to assess your symptoms, identify the underlying cause, and discuss how to tackle the problem.

The first step is to make an appointment with your GP or refer yourself directly to your local NHS continence service for an assessment. You will be assigned a Continence Adviser who will discuss your treatment options. Depending on the cause, you may be referred on to other professionals such as a physiotherapist or an occupational therapist.

Continence problems affect many areas of life. Often, sufferers can become isolated when they feel they are unable to leave their homes. For many travelling away from home such as visiting family or friends, or even going on a holiday is a complete no-no.

But not any more.

With a Hippychick Mattress Protector you can save yourself any embarrassment by popping one discreetly onto the bed safe in the knowledge that no-one will know if you have an accident during the night.

1 in 4 adults has experienced some form of incontinence or bladder weakness...

Waterproof Mattress Protector Testimonials

Hippychick is primarily a nursery specialist, but they have recently noticed a big upsurge in sales of their adult sized mattress protector sheets, thanks to happy customers who have been spreading the word to all ages. Here is just some of the unsolicited praise recently received from satisfied customers:

"Unlike most waterproof mattress covers, put this one on under your sheet and you don't even know it's there - no horrible rustling at all! I bought one for my little boy's bed and am so impressed I am intending to buy another as a spare. Cannot recommend highly enough!!!!!"

"At last - a mattress protector that doesn't smell or rustle. This is just like a really soft under sheet, but it works. Unfortunately I only discovered it when my mattress had been ruined by a 48 hour vomiting bug, but better late than never. I've got one for all our beds now and it's really hygienic."