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Turning your back garden into your summer holiday destination for 2020 will save money and stress!

With the summer holidays fast approaching thousands of parents, under normal circumstances, would be preparing to take their children camping – and if in the UK, somewhere it will almost certainly rain, and no-one will get any sleep!  

But with the pandemic putting paid to all those plans, could turning the back garden into your own private campsite offer a more affordable, and less stressful solution? 

No loading up of the car, trailing through mud, traipsing to the loo block in the middle of the night, not least the saving on costly campsite fees and expensive dinners at Nando’s when it’s raining and an al fresco BBQ is out of the question.   More so, if your kids have never done it before, it is a great way to give them a taster of what is in store when they do try the real thing. 

Hippychick, an expert in helping parents find solutions to problems they never even knew they had, has put together their top tips to make your garden camping experience a hit for the whole family.

  1. With no restrictions on luggage, you can actually transform your sleeping-out experience into glamping rather than camping.  Why not drag a mattress across the garden and into the tent, as well as a cosy duvet so it becomes a real home from home.  Younger children, particularly those who are recently potty trained are more likely to have an accident during the night in unfamiliar surroundings.  A Hippychick bed protector will ensure they, as well as the mattress, remain dry and comfortable.
  1. Worried about getting a cricked neck?  Hippychick has a new range of compact, super-comfortable travel pillows made from top-quality memory foam and with waterproof covers.  A must for the great outdoors.
  1. No longer restricted by the size of the boot of your car, you can bring the bikes too!  Balance bikes for little ones will get them started on the path to cycling success and are suitable for aged 1+.
  1. Kids will love Tron – cardboard disposable and fully biodegradable potties that are perfect for night-time us.   In an emergency, let them do their business in sturdy Tron, then tie up the bag and pop it in the garbage.  No mess, no spills and no odours.  You’ll never leave the house without one again, even if it’s only into the back garden!
  1. Litecup – this ingenious invention offers a no spill drinking cup with a built-in night light.  Camping out in the great outdoors can be daunting for a young child at night.  Litecup’s warm, comforting, glow will offer reassurance, as well as satisfy their thirst if they wake up in the night. 

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