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Hippychick’s ten top tips for hassle-free weaning

So, you’ve done six months of breast-feeding and your baby keeps trying to grab your morning toast. 

This normally signals time to start the weaning process.

Hippychick, a nursery essentials specialist, gives its top tips for getting through this next stage in your parenting journey.

Bibs are your best friend – get plenty of them as you’ll be chucking them in the washing machine more times that you know.  Hippychick has a great range, Our Bumkins range of Superbibs come in 3 packs in a variety of designs which are great value at £13.95


Invest in a no-spill cup. Babies will automatically want to turn a cup upside down to see what happens, and normally empty it over themselves.  

Why not try our Baby Litecup which is the only non-spill cup that also lights up in the dark!  So you can also use it as a nightlight.  Ingenious.  £11.95


Use a soft weaning spoon that is easy on baby’s gums. Our brand new Chewtensils range are made from food grade silicone and will help sooth sore gums.  £14.95 for a spoon and fork set. 


Once you know what your baby enjoys, prepare a batch, freeze in ice cube trays so you have plenty of their favourites at the ready.

Try not to fret about the mess. We’ve always had dogs. And in my opinion, they’re better at cleaning up than any vacuum cleaner.

Use plastic bowls with suction grips.  Otherwise they’ll be on the floor, or over their head, before you know it.

Try these Bumkins silicone grip dishes which have a strong suction base, compartments and a lid and can be chucked into the dishwasher after use.  £15.95


Experiment – don’t beat yourself up if your baby won’t eat lentils. Try different things – colours are likely to grab attention such as mashed banana, mango, or avocado. 

Save them a seat at the dinner table. Getting them used to eating with the family will encourage good habits for the future. 

For further products suitable for weaning, visit www.hippychick.com


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