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Soft, supportive, and with its top quality memory foam filling, moulding to every contour of your body, the Hippychick Travel Pillow may be something you never knew you needed, but once you have one, we guarantee you won’t be able to live without it.

Hippychick Founder, Julia Minchin, came across this compact little travel pillow after having suffered a serious riding injury.  With a fractured sacrum and cracked vertebrae, amongst other injuries, Julia was finding it impossible to get comfortable.  Coincidentally, she was sent one of these travel pillows by its inventor in the hope that it might make the grade for Hippychick’s portfolio of acclaimed nursery accessories.

‘This pillow came just at the right time and really saved my life’ said Julia.  It moulded into the small of my back, providing soft support and genuine relief from pain.  I wouldn’t have been able to sit up and carry on with the business without it which was a god send.  I was definitely hooked!’.

When not in use, the pillow rolls up to fit neatly into a pouch (which measures 30.5cm x 19cm) and will happily go into a handbag or changing bag.  It’s also fantastic for women who are pregnant, making it a perfect addition to the Hippychick product line up, relieving pressure both when sitting up and lying down.

The pillow features a soft-as-silk removable Tencel waterproof cover, meaning it’s perfect for use outdoors, and will undoubtedly be a big seller for festivals and camping trips. 

A sample of the Hippychick Travel Pillow also recently made an exodus with one of our Hippychick staff on holiday to Sri Lanka, who reported that she slept for the entire flight (a first) with the pillow neatly tucked behind her head and shoulders and managed to rumble around on a jeep safari for ten hours - painlessly. 

The first batch of Hippychick travel Pillows are in stock and ready for ordering at www.hippychick.com/travelpillow and retail at £40.00 each. 


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