Stoma user praises Hippychick bed protectors

We were delighted to receive a review recently from a stoma user who said she found our Hippychick bed protectors a fantastic solution for her stoma care.

In her review, she suggested we share her experience with other stoma users in case they could help them too.

‘An amazing product – and although aimed at babies and toddlers, I have a stoma and they are a life-saver. I can be sure my mattress is protected on my side of the bed. I also cut smaller sheets up into a protective cover over my stoma bag. They are completely absorbent. I do think you should promote these for stoma clients as they are an excellent product.’

This review has inspired us to try to understand more about what it’s like to live with a stoma, and, if we can, to see if our bed protectors can help make a difference for other stoma users.

Instagram was our starting point for research. Inputting #stoma, we were amazed at how many young mums living with stomas came up. More so, we were utterly blown away at how open they are about sharing their experiences with their audiences, showing pictures proudly of their stomas and bags. And why wouldn’t they? In most instances, a stoma is an incredible solution to a medical problem that is often life-threatening.

What’s also wonderful is how many followers these stoma users have, as well as the positive comments that accompany their posts.

And what a huge relief this is. Whilst social media may get a lot of bad press, it does clearly help to de-stigmatise health conditions such as these – just look at what the incredible ‘bowel babe’, Deborah James, achieved when she made checking your poo normal and to the celebrated poo emoji – that friendly, smiley swirl of brown poop which is apparently one of the most used emojis on the internet.

Whilst we wouldn’t purport to know anything about what it’s like to live with or care for a stoma, we salute everyone who does.

And more so, we are delighted that Hippychick’s products are helping to make their lives easier.

We’d also like to say a huge thank you to our reviewer, who took the time to write to us. She’s helped to open our eyes to a condition we knew little about as well as introduce us to a brand new audience. And that truly deserves some major applause.

If Hippychick is able to help even just one more stoma user, then we’ve done our job.

Hippychick Bed Protectors come in all forms and sizes – from duvet covers, to flat sheets and fitted sheets in cot bed size, singles, doubles, kings and super kings.

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