Sex During Pregnancy - Should You Or Shouldn't You?

There are lots of reasons to celebrate pregnancy – a new baby is on the way, your hair is lustrous, and your skin is radiant.  And for some of us, particularly in trimester two and three, sex drive can increase dramatically, thanks to the higher levels of the hormone, oestrogen, raging through our bodies. 

But is it safe to take advantage of your increased sexual appetite during this golden period?  The experts say yes, absolutely, subject, of course, to their being no contra-indications with your pregnancy. 

So, if you’re feeling the urge, why not go for it?  Sex in this pre partum stage particularly if it’s your first pregnancy, is when you should make the most of it.  Immediately after birth, be warned that your hormones may take you in a very different direction when it comes to sexual desire.

Penetrative sex is perfectly safe for you and your baby if your pregnancy is progressing normally.  And just in case you were worried, rest assured that your baby is located nowhere near where the main event takes place, is fully protected by the amniotic sac, and will not be harmed. 

couple in bed

The good news is that having sex at this time won’t just satisfy you and your partner’s lust.  There are plenty of other reasons why sex can be beneficial to you and your partner during pregnancy. 

  • Sex can help promote sleep.  Many women have trouble sleeping in pregnancy – heartburn, leg cramps and general discomfort are common causes.  Sex and the aftermath can help you to feel relaxed and more inclined to drift off into a deep, restful sleep. 
  • It can help you connect with your partner. Being pregnant can cause significant changes in your relationship with your partner.  Having intimate sex can really help to strengthen the bond between you.
  • Sex can help relieve pain and anxiety.  Being pregnant can make you feel anxious.  There’s a lot to think about when bringing a baby into the world – the responsibility of becoming a parent as well as the financial implications.  Having an orgasm can give you some respite, as it helps to release oxytocin, the hormone with the feel-good factor. 
  • Sex can be good for aiding your post-partum recovery.  Did you know that orgasms are really good for exercising your pelvic floor?  When an orgasm occurs, there is a uterine contraction and thenthe muscles aroundthe pelvic floor contract.  In pregnancy, due to increased blood flow, orgasms can be even more intense than they are normally (in fact some women who find it hard to achieve orgasm under normal circumstances, may find that they do so much more easily when pregnant).  This method definitely beats squeezing in and counting to 15 whilst waiting at the bus stop. 
  • Sex can improve your self-esteem. With all the changes taking place within your body during pregnancy, you may feel as it almost doesn’t belong to you.  Having sex can help restore your body confidence and restore positive feelings about yourself.
  • It can introduce new possibilities.  It’s a great time to experiment with different sexual positions.  Getting on top will allow you to dictate the level of penetration by your partner or on all fours will mean you can connect without your bump getting in the way.  Anything goes, so long as it feels comfortable, both mentally and physically  to both you and your partner!
sex during pregnancy - is it safe?

And finally, as if that’s not enough reason to get between the sheets, having sex with your partner will help keep you active and fit in pregnancy, too.  Enjoy and make the most of it!


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