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Why role playing is vital for your child’s development

Children are naturally drawn to role playing, but did you know it actually helps them reach their developmental milestones too? Children role playing are using their imagination, building language skills, problem solving and thinking in the abstract, as well as understanding someone else’s perspective and gaining leadership skills. Role playing […]

Soothe a crying baby, tips that really work

A cure for a crying baby makes up the frustrated subject line of most of the letters and emails we receive from parents here at Hippychick. Our experience working with thousands of parents over the years, and raising a few of our own, has taught us that even though it’s […]

Secrets to staying on track with baby routines over the summer

Summertime is truly fabulous…longer days, shorter nights, endless hours outside, holidays and more. But all this fun stuff often means your baby routine can suffer. As he or she struggles with getting enough sleep at the right times due to all the wonderful things going on and those lighter days, […]

Summer party food, recipes and games for maximum family fun al fresco

We here at Hippychick reckon that when the sun’s shining there’s absolutely no better place to be than in an English garden. Which is why we’ve got plenty of plans for outdoor summer parties with our children over the next few weeks (weather permitting…fingers and toes crossed…) If you’re hoping […]

Potty training tips for quick success

Of all the questions we get from mums everyday at Hippychick HQ, the majority ask for tips on potty training and bedwetting. Summertime is the answer to the question: ‘When do I start potty training?’. That’s because warmer weather means wandering round nappy free is less likely to cause a […]