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Why baby play is so important

Baby play is more than just good fun for you and your little one. Play makes kids smarter, helps social development and reduces stress. Plus it’s important for helping children learn about exercising control and voicing any difficult feelings they might be having. And that’s not all. Here’s why else […]

Copying with separation anxiety when going back to school

Whether your little one is starting school for the first time or just heading back for a new term at school or nursery, it’s natural for both of you to go through a certain amount of separation anxiety. You miss your child and your child misses you after a lovely […]

How to bond with a new baby

How do I know if I’ve bonded with my baby? That’s one of the most asked questions here at Hippychick. The answer is, there is no way to explain it. You’ll just know. If you think you’re having problems with bonding, it’s nothing to be ashamed of and perfectly natural. […]

Make the most of the summer holidays

Just one month to go until it’s back to school time. So what better time to make the most of the few weeks of this fabulous long summer break we have left? Here are our favourite ideas for how to enjoy yourselves with your little ones, whatever the weather Take […]

The UK’s top castles for family days out

If there are two things the UK is famous for it’s our rich history and beautiful landscapes.   That’s why, at Hippychick, we’re all such big fans of Castles as an ideal family day out.  They combine the best of both! Here we bring you a taster of what’s out there […]

How to get your baby to sleep

Early days with a new baby are a doddle when it comes to the sleeping side of things. New babies sleep for around 16 hours a day, so they’re asleep more than they’re awake. This means you get time for those precious early days moments, standing over the cot watching […]

Top 10 UK family friendly festivals

Here at Hippychick we’re big believers in the power of a good old party to lift the spirits! If Glastonbury has officially whetted your appetite for being entertained outdoors, we thought we’d bring you a round up of our ten favourite family festivals – everything from established festivals attracting the […]

Family days out with maximum fun and minimum stress

Ah the great UK family day out. Where will we go? What will we need? What happens if (most likely) it rains? All questions to consider before we strap ourselves in or head to the train station and off we go. Planning is key for maximum enjoyment for all on […]

New baby early days tips for success

Those first few days with a new baby are complete and utter bliss. Precious time when you’re just getting to know each other and can shut off the outside world and it’s just the two (or three) of you. This special window is important for really learning about how you […]

Baby swimming tips for safety and fun

One of the highlights of our (admittedly slim) summer has to be the chance to get out with your baby for a swim without the teeth chattering that ensues at other times of the year. Whether it’s a day out at the beach, or a trip to the local outdoor […]