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Baby swimming tips for safety and fun

One of the highlights of our (admittedly slim) summer has to be the chance to get out with your baby for a swim without the teeth chattering that ensues at other times of the year. Whether it’s a day out at the beach, or a trip to the local outdoor […]

Genius ideas that make holidays with a baby stress free

Yeah, holiday time is here! Time for smiles, fun and frolics. But before you get to that (and it’s a job that usually falls to Mum) there’s the by no means simple task of trying to pack everything you need for small children and babies into the meagre luggage allowance […]

Summer sun safety for babies and children

Whether we’re going to a UK Summer or not is always hot topic for debate, but one thing is certain, babies and children need to be getting adequate sun protection from day one to protect their delicate skins and guard against the risk of future skin cancers. Here at Hippychick […]

Patriotic red, white and blue for baby and you

Royal baby fever is hotting up and with the Queen celebrating her coronation for the second time this month,  could we be feeling any more patriotic right now? With the birth of our future (King or Queen), and all the celebration’s of the 60th anniversary of the Queen’s Coronation, we […]

Stress free baby bathtime tips

Nothing seems to fill new parents with as much dread as having to bath a baby for the first time. “How do I hold her?”, “Will I drop her?”, “How do I hold her and wash her at the same time? Surely I don’t have enough arms for that!” Just […]

Have fun at family festivals

Here at Hippychick Chick Chat, we love a party, which is why we’re so glad that this year sees even more family friendly festivals springing up around the country. Where else do mum and dad get a chance to get their grooove on and relive the 70s, 80s, 90s or […]

Child safety need to know

Hello everyone. Julia from Hippychick here. This week (24-30th June 2013) it’s Child Safety Week and we’ve been brushing up our safety knowledge with the help of the Child Accident Prevention Trust. The words ‘child’ and ‘accident’ in the same sentence are enough to strike fear into the heart of […]

Why role playing is vital for your child’s development

Children are naturally drawn to role playing, but did you know it actually helps them reach their developmental milestones too? Children role playing are using their imagination, building language skills, problem solving and thinking in the abstract, as well as understanding someone else’s perspective and gaining leadership skills. Role playing […]

Soothe a crying baby, tips that really work

A cure for a crying baby makes up the frustrated subject line of most of the letters and emails we receive from parents here at Hippychick. Our experience working with thousands of parents over the years, and raising a few of our own, has taught us that even though it’s […]

Secrets to staying on track with baby routines over the summer

Summertime is truly fabulous…longer days, shorter nights, endless hours outside, holidays and more. But all this fun stuff often means your baby routine can suffer. As he or she struggles with getting enough sleep at the right times due to all the wonderful things going on and those lighter days, […]