Meet India!

India Joyce, Operations Manager at Hippychick

Name: India Joyce

Job Role: Operations Manager

New recruit India joins the team from Leonardo Helicopters but admits she has spent more time in the flight simulator than the air. India will also be a part of the Health and Safety team at Hippychick and when pressed on which was her personal favourite, mused that ‘safety comes first and health will follow’. 

India in 30 seconds: 

Tea or coffee? Green Tea 

Recent Netflix binge? Bridgerton 

First thing you’ll do once lockdown is over? Go for a meal with friends –

anywhere that serves cocktails and means I can get a taxi home easily. 

How do you spend your time outside of work? I run a part-time beauty business and take acting classes! 

Interesting fact about yourself? I have Trypophobia – sounds strange but it’s a fear of lots of small holes, pictures of this sort of thing make me quite uncomfortable…

Three Hippychick products you’d take with you on a desert Island? 

·      LiteCup – A source of light and means I could drink water! 

·      Travel Pillow – A necessity for any long trip and being waterproof is great for island lifestyle.

·      Cellular Blanket (Blue) – Warm and comfortable for those cold nights. 

Island survival chances 6/10 – LiteCup is an inspired choice and India would sleep well, but the cool nights are only a small part of the harsh realities of desert island life. 


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