Is my child ready for potty training?

The Spring and Summer are great times of year to start potty training with your toddler. Warm and sunny days make garden potty training a breeze with fewer layers to have to remove! But, whether the season is a great opportunity or not, knowing when is the right time for your little one can be tricky.

Signs your toddler is ready for potty training

Every child is different and will show you they are ready in their own way however, there are several common signs that can be good indicators:

  • their nappy is regularly dry for 1-2 hours at a time
  • they tell you when they feel the urge (to wee or poo)
  • they know when they have a wet or dirty nappy
  • they show interest in the potty or toilet
toddler potty training

It is really important to remember that your child may only show some of these signs. The NHS says that most children are dry during the day by the age of three however, it is always best to be led by your own child rather than worry about averages. As well as the physical signs your toddler may show they’re ready, there are other developmental factors to consider before you start potty training:

  • can they undress themselves? Even with wearing fewer layers in the warmer months if your child is still dependent on you to undress them it’s likely they won’t be able to get to and sit on the potty quickly enough
  • can they understand and follow instructions? This is really key in ensuring your child understands the process of using the potty and what they need to do

Getting the right equipment

As with any new endeavour, ensuring you’re set up for success before you start will make things so much easier. We recommend getting several potties ready to go with, at least, one upstairs and one downstairs. The moments from a toddler realising they need to use the potty and the inevitable happening are very short to begin with so by having easy access to a potty makes success much more likely. In this vein, think carefully about how you’ll manage travel and being out and about. We absolutely love the disposable travel potty from Tron. Disposable, compostable and portable, it folds up super small to fit in a bag and once unfolded supports up to 30kg of child. It can absorb a super impressive 250ml of liquid in 30 seconds!

Hippychick Tron Disposable Potty

Be prepared to try again

Even if all the signs are pointing to your child being ready for potty training, you ultimately don’t know what will happen until you try. If after several days or weeks of trying and the accidents significantly outweigh the successes just take a pause and try again at another time. Children all develop and grow in their own unique timescales and, sometimes, waiting a little longer to start trying again can lead to super quick success next time!

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