International Women's Day At Hippychick

Observed on 8 March every year, International Women’s Day is a United Nations recognised event dedicated to raising awareness of women. 

When we asked our Hippychick team members to name women, in advance of International Women’s Day, who have really touched their hearts, there was an outpouring of suggestions. However, for the purposes of our latest blog post, we told them they had to whittle it down to just one.  They all deliberated and cogitated (some of them even agonised) but eventually they came chose their finalist.  And here’s the list of winning women according to Team Hippychick.  We hope you enjoy reading it. 

Hannah Headford (Account Manager) –

A bit cliché but my Mum – does anything and everything for me but also the whole family! No task is too difficult for her.

She looks after her mum (my nan) full time and helps out so much with Hollie – id be lost with out her! A photo of the 4 generations with mum taking centre stage!!!

Hannah sat with family on sofa

Sarah Sturgess (Customer Service Executive) –

My inspirational woman is my Nan. She was an amazing lady, the strongest woman I have ever known.

She was diagnosed with Lymphoma about 10 years ago. During this time she also had bowel cancer and more recently liver cancer.  My Grandad had a brain aneurysm and whist battling her own illness she cared for him until he passed away.

My Nan passed away in July last year and even up to the day before, she was completely stoic. She was incredibly mentally tough, whilst being so kind and caring.

I miss her very much and if I am even half the lady she was then I will be happy. I am very proud of the amazing inspiration she was.

Heloise D’Souza (PR Consultant) –

For me it has to be Her Majesty the Queen.  I am utterly in awe of this amazing lady who, through thick and thin, has always acted with so much dignity and grace. Oh that we could all be like her.  I for one will be out celebrating her Platinum Jubilee in June.  Count me in. 

The Queen Elizabeth II

Leah Harding (Operations Manager) –

I would like to nominate my step mum Cindy because she has gone out of her way since I was kid to look out for me and do what’s best for me despite me being difficult to be around when growing up. She is so selfless and will do anything to help others – what a woman!

Sarah Cartwright (Scotland Representative) –

My inspiration for IWD is my daughter. She is the most self assured, confident, funny, clever wee person I know. Never scared of being herself and doesn’t care about fitting in with the crowd. Stands up for what she believes is right. And even at 8 understands that women should have exactly the same rights as men. Plays football in a mainly boys squad, questions why girls are allowed to wear skirts and trousers to school and boys are only allowed to wear trousers. Tells her dad off for swearing (!). Takes her word search book with her when she goes to the bathroom 🙂 She inspires me to be a better person every day. 

mother kissing her daughter

Mike Bird (Account Manager) –

These two are definitely an Inspiration for me in my life. They are my Wife and wonderful daughter.

Both of them have ongoing health problems but that doesn’t get them down and take the smile away from their faces.

They both always put others before themselves and are 2 very important special people in my life.

family hugging each other

Alex Molyneux (Marketing Manager) –

I am going to have to break the rules here and say I have 2 role models / inspirations in my life. They are without a doubt my Mum and my sister. The 3 of us have been through an awful lot, and with the world as crazy as it is right now, I know I’m very lucky to have 2 constants in my life that I can rely on. My Mum worked throughout the pandemic for the NHS despite being on the vulnerable list herself. My sister was on the front line as a paramedic working all the hours under the sun, only being given a pair of socks as a thank you (although she does quite like the socks).

I must also mention my employer, Julia Minchin. Running a business through a pandemic, Brexit and now the crisis in Ukraine is inspiring in itself, but Julia goes above and beyond to make sure her team feels supported and then helps those in need around her. I have never seen anyone so determined to give back. Very inspiring.

Alex with her mum and sister

Alan Houghton (Head of Sales) –

I think a true inspiration is Kate Garraway, she has raised millions of pounds for charity throughout her life and is a mum trying to support her family and continue with her television and journalism career whilst trying to care for her suffering Husband Derek since he was diagnosed with Long Covid and he is still critically ill. Their family life has not been the same because of Derek’s illness and yet Kate continues to be the strong rock for her family and others around her and she still has hope and as a result of this released a book called The Power of Hope back in April 2021.

photograph of Kate Garraway

Rowan White (Customer Service Executive) –

On this day of International Women’s day It might be easy and obvious to mention or chose an inspirational woman from the past or present who is famous that everyone has heard of but I think that its also just as important to mention and recognise those ordinary amazing women that you know in your own life or see almost everyday as they can have an impact just as much so with that in mind my inspirational woman is my co-worker Sarah Sturgess.

Despite the fact she has got a lot going on in her personal life with 4 children to raise and lots of other ongoing stresses she always comes to work with a smile on her face and an amazing cheerfulness every day. She has got such a kind heart and always wants to help people whenever she can and will go out of her way to help even if sometimes it’s no convenient for her. She is truly inspirational and a  lovely friend and colleague.

photo of Rowan sat at desk working


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