How to choose the right baby wrap or carrier

There are many benefits to baby wearing for both baby and parents. Babies who are carried typically cry less and baby wearing can help enormously with the transitional 4th trimester phase. Using a baby wrap also keeps things hands free for you and allows adventures anywhere, even places the most robust off-road pram cannot navigate. With so many different wraps to choose from, choosing the right baby wrap will ensure both you and baby love using the wrap which is comfortable and easy to use for you both.

Structured or non-structured baby wrap

If you’re new to using baby wraps it can seem daunting tying your own. Rest assured, it’s super easy and after only a couple of practices you’ll be tying and using your wrap with ease. The Moby Classic Wrap is soft, easy to tie and use and allows for baby to carried in a number of positions both inward and outward facing. However, if you’re still uncertain about tying your own wrap then the Moby Easy Wrap Carrier may be the perfect choice for you. This super clever wrap slips on as easily as a t shirt and combines the comfort of a traditional stretch wrap but the ease of a more structured carrier.

How big is your baby?

Not all baby wraps are suitable from birth so depending on when you’re planning to start using a wrap or carrier you need to check this carefully. Often, a baby wrap will have a minimum weight as opposed to a minimum age. Most of the Moby wraps such as the Classic Wrap and the Moby Fit Baby Carrier can be used once baby is 3.6kg (approx 7lb 9oz) so may be suitable from birth depending on the size of your baby but some have a slightly higher minimum weight.

Mum holding her baby in a traditional baby wrap
Moby Elements Baby Wrap – Hydro

Is it easily washable?

As cute and cuddly as they may be, babies are messy! From exploding nappies to milk throw up, the reality is your baby wrap is probably in for a hard time. Ensuring you can pop a soiled wrap in the washing machine to get it ready to go again quickly is critical in helping you get the most out of it.

Mum holding her baby in a black baby carrier
Moby Fit Baby Carrier

Do you love it?

Find the right wrap that you’re comfortable using and wearing and you’ll probably end up using it every day! If you’re still unsure which is the right one for you it’s worth checking if there is a sling library near you where you can try on different wraps and carriers with your baby to find the perfect one for you.

Dad carrying his baby in a grey baby carrier
Moby Move Baby Carrier

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