Cost-Effective Screen Free Activities this Half Term

Everyone’s struggling at the moment with the cost of food and household bills soaring seemingly out of control. So, half term, when the kids are at home for a week and the onus is on you to entertain them, can be a challenging prospect. Whilst it might be tempting (as well as probably cheaper) to sit them down in front of the telly with an iPad, getting out and about will be infinitely more rewarding for both you and them – and the good news is, it doesn’t need to cost the earth.

Here are some of Hippychick’s top screen free activities and tips for getting out and about this half term, without breaking the bank.

Little girl in a Waterproof Suit splashing in a puddle

Get out and about

It’s not just the expense involved with going on a family day out, it’s the preparation that can sometimes feel like a monumental task. But with careful planning it doesn’t have to be. If you find somewhere with enough things to do, that’s one whole day of the holidays ticked off!

Look for child friendly, local attractions such as a farm or taking a trip to the beach. These are fantastic places to go and spend the day. Not only does a farm allow the kids to get up close with the animals which is great fun, you can throw in extra games as you go around which are totally free, like animal Bingo – the kids have to cross off the animals as they go around and once they’ve got them all… they get a prize! A little money saving tip is to take your own picnic – that way if the children decide they don’t fancy it, you’re not wasting money. The Tum Tum Travel Cutlery Sets are perfect to take with you to make eating on the go a breeze.

If you want a more budget friendly option, why not go out for a nice walk. But to take it up a gear, get the little ones to keep track of all the bugs and animals that they see around them. This will get them taking an active interest in the world around them.

Worried about the weather stopping play? As the famous saying goes, there’s no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes. Our Hippychick waterproofs will transform a grey, rainy day into one full of opportunities. Why not really put the waterproofs to the test with a puddle jumping competition to see who can get the muddiest. It is a guaranteed way to keep the little ones entertained while they remain warm and dry on the inside. And don’t worry about the waterproofs, they love mud. They can be easily wiped down and are machine washable, so they come out looking brand new.

Child colouring in a Crocodile Creek Colouring Poster with crayons

Get crafty

Creative play has so many wonderful benefits for children. It utilises their imagination, develops fine motor skills and helps them to understand the world around them. And it doesn’t have to be messy, or expensive!
Use things around you. Can you incorporate anything that you find out on a walk, like leaves. Keep old toilet roll holders and use them to create fun and playful characters.

If you want something a little bit more structured, the Colouring Posters and Canvas Sets from Crocodile Creek are perfect screen free activities to keep your little ones entertained and aren’t too messy. We all know how much kids love a sticker book, and the Crocodile Creek Colouring Stickers are perfect for combining kids’ love for stickers and colouring. Each set includes 20 jumbo stickers to colour as well as 5 themed crayons and a beautifully illustrated scene.
If you don’t mind a little mess, then baking is a great way to keep the kids entertained. And if they want yummy cakes at the end of it, they have to focus on making them really delicious, that’s a perfect incentive!

Little girl playing with a unicorn Crocodile Creek puzzle on a table

Go back in time with traditional toys & games

You can never go wrong with sitting around the kitchen table and getting out a board game. Although this can sometimes lead to a bit of tension around the table, a bit of friendly competition never hurt anyone!
Getting lost in a puzzle can be so satisfying and before you know it, time has flown by, and the day has gone. Our range of Crocodile Creek puzzles are beautifully illustrated with fun and playful scenes, which transport you into a whole new world. From outer space to the jungle, once you’ve completed it you will want to frame the masterpiece at the end!

And the final helpful tip – why not go really old school and build a fort! It’s something everyone can do, all you need are bed sheets and something to prop it up with. The rest is down to your imagination and creativity! But what is it about a den that children love so much? It’s somewhere they can hide away, that space becomes their own and they can transform it into whatever they can imagine. If you do want to take den making to the next level, the PL-UG Tent Making Kits are a clever concept, made up of different components to help make den building much easier. It even comes with it’s own ‘Keep out’ sign, so you have an excuse not to disturb them.

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