Are baby wraps safe for newborns?

A baby wrap can be an absolute game changer for parents. Baby wraps free up hands, are compact and easier to navigate yourself and baby around busy shops and venues. Most baby’s love snoozing in a wrap so its win win all round! But, you may be wondering “Is a baby wrap safe for newborns?” especially for them to sleep in, let’s take a look ….

What is a baby wrap?

A baby wrap, or baby sling, is a type of baby carrier that is designed to hold and secure a newborn close to their parent’s (or caregiver’s) body. Generally they consist of a long piece of fabric, often made from materials like cotton, linen, or other soft, breathable textiles. The fabric is wrapped and tied around the caregiver’s body, allowing the baby to be carried in a snug and secure manner. Some baby wraps are more hybrid baby carriers so they are semi structured for putting on ease but with all the comfort of a baby wrap. That being said, with a couple of practices a full wrap becomes super easy to put on.

Moby Classic Baby Wrap

Why use a baby sling?

The main purpose of a sling or wrap is to create a secure and ergonomic way to carry a baby while leaving the caregiver’s hands free. There are different types of baby wraps, including stretchy wraps, woven wraps, and ring slings, each with its unique features and benefits. Parents can choose the type of wrap that suits their needs and preferences. They are also super helpful for second or subsequent children when you may have a toddler or young child charging around or wanting to play whilst baby naps.

Moby Cloud Hybrid Carrier

Are baby wraps linked to SIDS?

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), also known as cot death, is the sudden, unexplained death of an otherwise healthy infant under one year of age. SIDS typically occurs during sleep and is most often associated with infants between the ages of one month and one year, with the peak incidence occurring between two to four months of age. There is no reliable evidence which links baby wrap use and SIDS however there have been reports of baby’s suffering fatalities whilst in a sling. Any risk appears to be associated with a baby’s airway being obstructed by their chin resting on their chest or their mouth and nose being covered by a parent’s skin or clothing. It is therefore critically important that anyone using a baby sling or wrap is confident in how to put it on safely.

TICKS guidelines

The Consortium of UK Sling Manufacturers and Retailers advise keeping your baby close when using a baby sling and ensuring you can see baby’s face at all time. They recommend following the TICKS guidelines:

  • T – Tight
  • I – In view at all times
  • C – Close enough to kiss
  • K – Keep chin off the chest
  • S – Supported back
Moby Classic Baby Wrap

If unsure, seek further advice

There are several baby sling libraries across the UK which allow you to try on different baby wraps and slings. You not only get to try out different slings for comfort but can also receive further advice about ensuring a secure and safe fit if you are in anyway unsure.


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