8 Christmas gifts for kids, that are actually for you

Here at Hippychick, we always love to partner with small businesses that align with our own exacting values and standards.  

Easy2name is just one of them. 

Started by mum, Melanie, who had three kids at the time and just didn’t have the hours in the day to sew name tags onto three sets of school uniform at the start of every school year (who does??), Easy2name was designed to offer a miracle solution.  These nifty labels were minutely researched, developed and tested to stick or iron onto a garment, and not to budge, even on a high temperature wash. 

Over the years, Easy2name has grown in leaps and bounds, like Hippychick, through the power of reputation and recommendation, as well as never straying far from its original business model – to deliver practical solutions for busy parents on the go. 

This Christmas, Easy2name and Hippychick have devised a cunning plan to do all the thinking on the Christmas gift ideas front, enabling exhausted parents to spend a little bit more time kicking back. 

Every one of these fabulous Christmas gift ideas, which though ostensibly have your kids’ name firmly printed on them, in actual fact, boast all sorts of qualities and benefits that will make your Christmas a little bit more pleasurable, too. And if you order from Easy2name or Hippychick from November onwards, you will receive an exclusive money off voucher, which you could use towards one of the perfect gifts listed below:

1.Clothing labels are an easy and simple way to get uniform and clothing items back to you from the dreaded lost property box at school/nursery! These little miracles are affordable and easy to apply – and boy do they stick! They are also great for getting the kids to help put the laundry away!

childrens clothing with fun name stickers

2. Easy2name also do stick-on labels for equipment such as bottles, lunchboxes & stationery. They come in a variety of themes, colours and sizes and firmly stick to any non-fabric surface. Perfect for labelling all those shiny-new Christmas presents (and encourage taking care of them!).

Colourful stickers overlayed onto a pile of notebooks and pens

3. Want something even easier than stickers? Try the EasyStamp – which can be used on fabric such as clothing, socks, inside shoes & accessories. They are recommended for use direct onto the fabric managing you can cut out those uncomfortable care labels. You can get up to 900 stamps from just one EasyStamp and if you manage to do that, Easy2name sell refills!

A pink t-shirt on a teal background with a name stamp

4. Anything to make mealtimes more enjoyable is a good gift right? These Personalised Bento Lunchboxes are not only gorgeous but very practical (dishwasher safe & microwavable!). They are BPA, phthalate and melamine-free and come in a range of 15 various designs & 7 colours. Design online – simply enter a first name and choose a theme/character – a truly personalised gift.

Two children eating lunch from a plastic lunch box

5. myHummy – the longer your baby sleeps, the longer you get to sleep too. And this is where myHummy has proven invaluable to exhausted parents.  It’s a device that emits a number of sounds designed to emulate those that baby hears in the womb and which are scientifically proven to promote sleep.  Why wouldn’t you?

a mum sat on a bed with her baby and a white teddy bear

6. Vilac Car – a dream for parents looking for content for their social media accounts, this retro-styled Vilac racing Car will deliver in spades.  Available in a range of fabulous colours including a divine, and utterly photogenic off white. 

Little girl walking around an off white vintage ride on toy car

7. A Hippychick Feeding Pillow – the quicker you can get a baby to latch on to your breast or a feeding bottle teat, the happier everyone will be.  The Hippychick Feeding Pillow is not just a decorative addition to your sofa or bedroom, it will also offer comfort and support that encourages let down and a steady flow of milk into your baby’s hungry tummy. 

Woman breastfeeding her baby using a grey feeding pillow

8. Let’s face it, so many gifts that will satisfy small children’s desire for size are so often the sort of that take up a huge chunk of space without delivering on aesthetics.  Cue the Classic World Vintage Kitchen, it’s so beautifully designed, you might just consider stripping your own kitchen out and replacing it with one that looks like this.  We don’t blame you! 

A beautiful wooden toy kitchen nestled amongst some daisy's

We know how important choosing the right gift is to parents and we hope this little list has given you some ideas and saved you from hours of browsing the net for a meaningful gift (that not only lights up little one’s faces, but also offers you something too!).


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