5 ways to use a cellular blanket

An essential in every hospital bag, a classic cellular blanket is the perfect blanket to use from birth.

What is a cellular blanket?

A cellular blanket is a lightweight cotton blanket which contains lots of small holes, or cells. These holes are essential for maintaining airflow and helping to keep baby at the right temperature unlike tightly woven thick blankets which may cause overheating. Choose one made from natural materials such as ours, which is designed especially for baby’s delicate skin, is non-scratchy and made from 100% hand-picked cotton.

pile of cellular blankets on table

So how can you use a cellular blanket?

Recommended by midwives as a newborn essential, there are many ways in which you can use a cellular blanket. For swaddling, for feeding as bedding and even for entertaining your baby with a game of peek-a-boo.  Every new parent should have at least one, if not two, or even three. 

Here are our top five reasons to have a cellular blanket for your baby:

1. Bedding

The Lullaby Trust promote the safest way for baby to sleep is in a separate cot or moses basket containing no more than a blanket – no toys or pillows. By following the feet first rule (feet at bottom of the cot, crib or moses basket) with baby on their back and a lightweight blanket tucked no higher than their arm pits this will encourage the safest sleeping position. A cellular blanket which traps air between the layers will keep baby warm whilst still allowing the air to flow.

baby wrapped in cellular blanket

2. Swaddling

Swaddling may sound like an outdated technique but many parents still swear by it, saying it helps to calm their little one and promotes longer periods of sleep. Swaddling does carry some risks, so we recommend you read up about it on trusted sites such as Swaddling a baby: the benefits, risks and seven safety tips | NCT  so you can make your own informed judgement about whether it’s right for you and your baby. What is universally accepted is that you shouldn’t swaddle too tightly and that a lightweight blanket, such as a cellular one, is the best way to go to prevent overheating. 

3. Layering up

In the depths of winter you may worry about your baby keeping warm at night. The NHS recommends layering lightweight blankets when it is cold rather than using a single thick blanket. Cellular blankets are ideal for this purpose though do remember, a folded blanket counts as two layers. It’s important that your baby doesn’t overheat. Here are a few signs to look out for that may mean your baby is too hot:

  • They feel warm to the touch
  • Your baby’s skin is red
  • They have a rapid heartbeat
  • They have a fever but aren’t sweating
  • Your baby is lethargic or unresponsive
  • Your baby is vomiting
  • Your baby seems dizzy or confused

4. Travelling play mat

Easily washable, quick to dry and extremely lightweight, cellular blankets can fit easily into a changing bag when you are out and about and make a great pop-up play mat! Simply lay the blanket out on the floor and add toys and baby! This is super helpful for parents with older children when baby tags on to playdates and soft play centre visits.

smiling baby wrapped in cellular blanket

5. Out and about

Whether you’re out and about with a pram or pushchair, stopping for a picnic or getting some fresh air in the garden, cellular blankets will help maintain baby’s ideal body temperature wherever you might happen to be. They are machine washable and dry quickly so you never need to worry about splashes from muddy puddles. Why not buy two so you always have one available, while the other is in the washing machine?

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