4 of the best newborn toys

When preparing for baby’s arrival there’s so much to think about buying; nappies, wipes, moses basket, baby carrier, breast pump, to name just a few! So it can be easy to forget about newborn toys especially when baby is likely to be in a feed – sleep – poop – cry cycle for the first few months. However, we think, it’s never to early to introduce newborn toys and, with some careful thought, the best newborn toys might actually help parents get some much needed rest as well!

Whether you’re planning to buy newborn toys yourself or, want to share some baby present ideas, the best newborn toys tend to have all or some of the following characteristics:

  • stimulate touch receptors
  • utilise sound
  • promote the very early stages of fine motor skill development
  • have the highest safety standards

The key element in finding the best newborn toys is that they are developmentally appropriate right from birth. Here is our round up of the best newborn toys to consider.

Dena Rainbow Play Sets

These silicone playsets offer unlimited open ended play. For newborns, they are perfect for chewing, touching, grabbing and reaching for. They are made from BPA-free, platinum-based silicone, are dishwasher safe and bacteria resistant. The Neon Playset contains highly contrasting colours which appeal to baby’s developing eye sight. As baby grows they make great teethers, promote fine motor skills and can even be used for baking and freezing. A great investment newborn toy that will be enjoyed will past the toddler years.

two silicone neon rainbows on a white background

Nattou Piu Piu Octopus

Not only great for newborns, the clever Piu Piu Octopus is also perfect for premature babies as the tentacles are designed to remind them of the umbilical cord. The unique tentacles also stimulate the touch receptors by introducing contrasting textures. A newborn toy for play and to also calm and comfort baby.

a baby holding a yellow soft cuddly octopus

Nattou Playmat

The Jim and Bob playmat from Nattou offers a variety of fantastic stimulation including sight, touch and sound. With a variety of interesting sounds and textures plus overhead detachable toys this beautifully designed playmat will entertain baby right from birth.

A baby boy laughing within a soft blue playmat

myHummy Baby Bear Sleep Aid

Newborns are used to noise and yet, so often, people try to keep everything really quiet for baby to sleep. During pregnancy baby was constantly listening to Mum’s heartbeat as well as the day to day sounds of everyday life. This very clever newborn toy comes built with five different sound: white noise, pink noise, rainfall, ocean waves and amniotic fluid with heartbeat. It has an inbuilt sensor to turn on sound if baby stirs as well as a continuous 12 hour setting for those babies that require constant sound to sleep. In our book, any newborn toy which helps promote sleep is an absolute winner!

baby fast asleep in their cot with a cuddly teddy bear

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