There is something quite special about digging out your box of Christmas decorations ready for another year of festivities. But like every year, there is always something you want to add into your display, or something you decide you just want more of. Instead of making the shops your first point of call, why not try something different and get creative with 5 Christmas decorations you can make at home?

Next year, it will be even more magical putting out decorations that you know were lovingly made by you. Here I share 5 DIY homemade decoration ideas for you and the kids to get creating while we build up to the big day.

1.Frosted Pine Cones

Next time you are out and about, keep your eyes peeled for pine cones. Pick out the most evenly shaped ones you can find and once you’ve got them home, make a start on these surprisingly easy to make Christmas ornaments.

Lay your pine cones out on newspaper and spray Frost White spray paint over one side of the cone. Let the paint dry for a few minutes before turning the cone over and spraying the other side.

If you want your frosted pine cones as decorations for your tree, you can then hot glue loops of ribbon to the base of the cones so that they hang down. Alternatively, the cones will look really effective displayed loosely in a large decorative bowl.

5 Christmas decorations you can make at home

2. Give your baubles a makeover

Get creative with your tree decorations this year and give your plain baubles a character-inspired makeover. Using a brown bauble, bring your tree life and create a cute Rudolf bauble to hang on it this year. Add gold glittery tinsel twine for the antlers, googly eyes, and a red glitter mini pom pom for the nose.

You could try this with a clear bauble and create a snowman. Use the googly eyes, an orange cut-out carrot shape for the nose, and you could draw dots in shape of a mouth.

If you like the idea of decorating your own baubles you might also be interested to find out different ways you could fill a Christmas glass bauble this year.

5 Christmas decorations you can make at home

3. Create your own Christmas card tree

Christmas trees that you stick on the wall to hang your cards is a modern decoration that will bring the festive factor to any room in your home this Christmas. Create this wall delight with Washi tape.

Washi tape is a decorative adhesive tape, but the great thing about it is that it requires no preparation and no drying time. It’s so quick and simple to use. Get sticking the tape onto your wall to resemble a Christmas tree and secure hanging wire from opposite sides of the tree. You could add mini pegs to hang your cards off.

4. Decorate a Christmas wreath

The best thing about buying a plain wreath is that you can do absolutely anything you want to transform it into a festive wreath your friends and family will remember.

You can glue fruit, nuts, flowers, and greenery to your wreath. You can spray paint it and even add in lights, and bows- the possibilities are endless.

If however, you are thinking about creating your very own wreath from scratch, a really popular idea is to use up the left over baubles that didn’t make the tree. Find out how you can make your very own Christmas baubles wreath this year.

5 Christmas decorations you can make at home

5. Make and fill your own Christmas crackers

We all know that Christmas crackers can be a bit pricey so if you want to save a little bit of money this year why not create your very own for less.

You could look into buying a kit which comes with everything you need to make your crackers. Or, if you want to get really creative you could start from scratch just follow this simple tutorial.

5 Christmas decorations you can make at home