Festival season is fast approaching and all around the UK, thousands of normally-sane parents are preparing to take their children to loud and expensive music events in difficult-to-find places, where it will probably rain, and no-one will get any sleep.

Somerset based parenting expert and retailer, Hippychick, based on the doorstep of Glastonbury, has learned a thing or two about the tricky subject of surviving a festival with toddlers in tow over the years.  Here are their top three best-selling festival items you shouldn’t leave home without.

Tron – the Disposable, Potty

The trauma of festival toilets for adults is well-documented: a two-mile walk, queuing for 75 minutes and a smell that is toxic enough to knock you out.

And what about the children? Especially those who are just learning to use the toilet? No toddler should be made to endure the hell that is festival toilets. Any parent who has been through potty-training knows this sort of situation has disaster written all over it (and all over you!).

Cue Tron – the disposable, folding, biodegradable, portable potty. Made from recycled cardboard, Tron lets you take your toilet-training toddler anywhere – including the centre of the Pyramid-stage crowd.

Small enough to fit in your handbag, Tron unfolds into a robust and comfortable little potty, complete with its own absorbent and biodegradable, fully leak-proof pad. Once your child has done their business, you can fold Tron up again and use its cleverly integrated handles to deliver it seamlessly and without odour or mess, to the nearest bin.

Festivals are simply not feasible without one.

Just £8.99 for a three pack.

Best festival gear for families from Hippychick

Hippychick Waterproof Sheets

Though we can’t guarantee what happens outside the tent a Hippychick award-winning waterproof sheet will at least keep your toddler’s bedding dry inside.  An accident in the night can be a disaster, if (and when) the heavens open, you don’t even have the opportunity to dry out a sodden sleeping bag.   Soft as silk for delicate skin yet tough and unbeatable when it comes to absorbency and waterproof capabilities, Hippychick’s waterproof sheets will ensure your toddler, and their bedding, remains comfortable and dry.

Available in a choice of colours as well as white.

Prices for Hippychick Tencel Flat Sheets start at £17.50.

Best festival gear for families from Hippychick

Hippychick Hipseat

Dare to go where the pushchair won’t at a Festival, even the Pyramid Stage, with the Hippychick Hipseat.  It’s an ingenious back-supporting belt with a perch, which your toddler can sit astride, spreading the weight evenly across your body while you can keep at least one of your hands free to wave in the air in time to Coldplay.

Hippychick Hipseats have been developed in conjunction with health professionals and are designed to promote long term back health.

Available in a range of cool, festival-friendly colours including purple, teal and pink.

Hippychick Hipseats are available at £39.95.

Best festival gear for families from Hippychick

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