Once again my important relaxing time in the bath and on the sofa is being cut short by an incessant pestering for me to write something interesting on Diet at University. As a result, and whilst it won’t be interesting or particularly relevant, it will allow me the peace that 6 contact hours a week at University just can’t afford…

With the risk of sounding overbearingly obvious, diet at university does depends on who you are, whilst I would say I quite enjoy cooking, I definitely still can’t claim to eat that healthily. This point is rather underlined by the chicken nuggets, chips and gravy, which are a staple of most northern nights out, along with the student deal of a Big Mac for 1.99, and one is often trapped by the row of kebab shops which are somewhat suspiciously placed along the route back to campus from town… These undeniably delicious meals are far more common at Uni than at home, so in that sense my diet at university really is far worse. I also don’t really cook at home, so it is always a shock going back up to university and finding myself having to cook all weekend in order to survive. The result of this stress is usually a dominos takeaway on a Sunday evening, and whilst writing this I am starting to see how much my diet does rely upon such cuisines in a typical week.

Healthy Eating - From highchair to University halls

However, as alluded to there is a shining light in the darkness that is fast food, as I am lucky enough to be catered, and I can just about manage to eat some of the eclectic collection of vegetables on display in the evenings. (The broccoli is boiled for about an hour so is rather too melt in the mouth for my taste). Although, the aforementioned weekend and lunch times provide an entirely different challenge, as the catering privilege doesn’t extend beyond the basic breakfast and supper during the week. Whilst I am not averse to the odd meal deal, the financial strain this exerts is unsustainable, and more often than not a bacon and cheese sandwich is lunch. Nevertheless, if that seems unhealthy, there are indeed others who use fast food as their daily go to, and I know of more than one person who is content with a microwaved Aldi pizza for every lunch time, and as such, pesto pasta for every meal at the weekend seems a like good effort in comparison. I also can claim to baking the occasional sweet potato with bacon and cheese as a supper, which for me is reasonably inventive, and the glorious photo I have of this creation is my one shot at redemption when asked about my diet by parents, friends, etc.Healthy Eating - From highchair to University halls

On the subject of trying to impress/bend the truth for my parents, it is also true that every phone call home involves the question as to whether I am eating well enough, and of course proceeding to list all the fruit you’ve had in the past week and passing it off as if it were just the last few days works very well. Although, this still doesn’t save me from being subjected to the customary brown bottle of truly disgusting ‘vitamins’ at the start of each term, which inevitably are still sitting unopened by my sink. (I think this terms speciality is Wellteen). However, nothing compares to the stage when we had around 50 bottles of Juice Plus at home and were forced to eat one with every meal, to no apparent benefit, and after years of trying it is clear that certain family members have to admit defeat, and realise the scam of false advertising.

Healthy Eating - From highchair to University halls

Next year however, I can’t rely on food supplements and it will provide an entirely different challenge, where having to cook for myself for every meal like the rest of the world becomes a horrific reality. In the mean time, trying to find a new meal apart from pasta with either pesto or tuna has become a necessity and any suggestions will gladly be taken by the Hippychick marketing team.