As a teenager, being asked to write my views on taking over the family business for my mother was certainly one of the less demanding tasks that I have had over the years!  It certainly feels very strange to be discussing the business and sharing my thoughts on it, as it is rarely a topic of discussion in which I am involved.

Hippychick dominates a lot of things to do with my life, the blue light of the two Dell laptops is always shining on the kitchen table, and no car journey is complete without the obligatory phone call through the Hippychick front desk.  In all honesty I have now learnt to tune out with ease when I hear the word Hippychick!  However, this does not mean I am not interested, it would after all be foolish not to be given the importance it has in dictating my life.

Furthermore, having worked in the warehouse (a nightmare for my parents as now others can see my inherent laziness that is usually so carefully veiled, but alas, seven hour shifts proved too much of task) and knowing most of the people working there, for whom Hippychick is also a big part of their lives, means that I do have a definite fondness for the nondescript grey shutters, and classic brickwork that is the Hippychick HQ in Bridgewater.

Taking over the family business

Often I am asked if I ever feel exploited by Hippychick, having been photographed from a young age, and although I am disappointed that a modelling career never emerged from such promising origins, it is not something I have much of an opinion on.  Of course it is tempting to create a huge fuss, and demand money for the soulless corporate treatment of young children, but apart from meaning that I would have to do legal research and take steps towards fulfilling my mother’s dream of my becoming a lawyer, it would be completely against the fact that I am glad to have been able to help in the process of making Hippychick what it is today.

Another question thrown at me by friends of the parents with little better to talk about is whether I plan on taking over the family business?!  This always amuses me, as having never been offered the business for one, it would be wrong to come in and assume control of something which I have contributed very little towards.  Although, having said that I am severely tempted by the idea of running a (not the!) business, seeing the freedom which it gives and the ability to get as much reward as the effort you put in.  However, it would have to be my own passion and brainchild, and unfortunately I cannot claim the wheelybug to have been totally my idea!


Finally, it is thoroughly interesting to now be writing in what seems to be a new age for Hippychick (maybe this is my ascendency to the throne after all), and it is entertaining to help give Instagram pointers to an account which now has more followers than I do!  I am genuinely excited to see the direction in which the baby business heads over the next few years (please no Snapchat account), and whilst I won’t be integrally involved maybe they’ll be so stuck as to ask for my thoughts again…

A rather irrelevant voice from afar/Best model 2002
[Tom, now aged 19, is currently reading English at York University]