Here’s a list of 8 things the Hippychick team are loving this week!


The Slow Cooker

How easy is it to bung everything in before work and have dinner ready as soon as you get in – lifesaver!

Ice Lollies

We are partial to the classics in the Hippychick office – a Fab, a Feast, a Twister, but when Pimm’s announced their new ice lolly range we jumped for joy that these treats have been given an adult twist!

things we love

Lidl’s Gold face cream

So, you wouldm’t expect much from a face cream that costs less that a bottle of win, but this night cream is amazing! Plus it’s made with ACTUAL gold!

Love Island

Ok, ok, we gave in and started watching is along with everyone else in the country! Ps. who else secretly wants one of those water bottles?

Pps. we ordered ours here

things we love


So very British.

A Clean Car

Is anyone else guilty of having a car that loosely resembles a dump? How satisfying is it when you finally get round to giving it a clear out!

things we love


Country Shows

We are very lucky to be located to be located in Somerset, who wouldn’t want to spend a day watching tractor pulling, bird of prey displays and cooking demos?

things we love


How did we get anything done without Pinterest? Althought now we don’t get anything done because of Pinterest. Addictive does not cover it!