If you take nothing else to a festival, take our brand new travel potty Tron – it is both collapsible, disposable and it also it boasts several other advantages, apart from just acting as a receptacle for your family’s bodily functions!

5 Things you never knew about Tron

  • Tron, translated from Polish into English, means Throne.
  • Festival toilets are hotbeds for breeding viruses and bacteria. Tron is a safe travel potty to cater hygeinically to all your toddler’s toileting needs.
  • Tron is 100% biodegradable, even the pad, so you can rest assured you won’t be damaging the environment.
  • Tron is designed by an architect, and is capable of withholding weights of up to 30kg.
  • Tron is small enough to fit in your handbag, both before and after use.Boy wearing Tron


5 Ways to use Tron at a festival

  • Being a completely leak free travel potty means you can use Tron to mix your own cocktails and punches.
  • Fill it with ice and chill your beers.
  • Use it as a portable washbasin, brush your teeth, or even have a shave
  • Should you find yourself feeling unwell due to (ahem) a virus at the festival, you can be discreetly sick in Tron.
  • Wear Tron as a hat-it’s decorative and well, just plain silly. Required behaviour at Glastonbury for all ages.


Tron is available to buy here

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