Festival season is approaching, and all around the UK, thousands of normally-sane parents are preparing to take their children to loud and expensive music events in difficult-to-find places, where it will probably rain and no-one will get any sleep and everyone will be sick and lose each other.

The trauma of festival toilets for adults is well-documented: a two-mile walk to the nearest toilets, queuing for 75 minutes and inside, a poo-mountain stuccoed artfully in old tissues rising phoenix-like from the toilet basin. The smell is so bad, some sort of re-birthing therapy is required to rid yourself of the memory.

Still, there aren’t many other options for the maniacs parents who are determined to prove they can still enjoy themselves now they’ve got children, and can’t very well go around emptying their bowels in the middle of the festival fields.

But what happens about the children? Especially those who are just learning to use the toilet? What happens when your two-year old in her big-girl pants announces she needs a poo-poo, and you are miles from the nearest convenience? No toddler should be made to endure the hell that is festival toilets, surely? What’s more, no toddler would. Any parent who has been through potty-training knows this sort of situation has disaster written all over it. And all over you.

Enter Tron – the disposable, folding, portable potty. Made from fully biodegradable, recycled cardboard, Tron lets you take your toilet-training toddler anywhere – including the centre of the pyramid stage crowd.ksdfjsd

Small enough to fit in your handbag, Tron unfolds into a robust and comfortable little potty, complete with its own absorbent and fully leak-proof pad. Once your child has done their business, you can fold Tron up again and use its cleverly integrated handles to deliver it seamlessly and without odour or mess, to the nearest bin. You get to keep enjoying yourself AND avoid scarring your toddler for life with the trauma of festival toilets.

It’s a true champion among disposable potties, and can withstand up to 30kg of weight, making it suitable for children up to six years old (although sadly not their parents.) What’s more, if your little one has a change of heart – as they often do – you can fold Tron back up again for next time.

But are there any other uses for Tron at a festival you ask. Why yes!

  • Being completely leak-proof means you can use Tron to mix your own cocktails and punches
  • Fill it with ice and chill your beers
  • Use it as a portable washbasin, brush your teeth, have a shave
  • Should you find yourself feeling unwell due to, ahem, a virus at the festival, you can be discreetly sick in Tron. All your family’s waste needs are covered!


Tron costs £2.99 and is available online here!



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