prince george and princess charlotte
Prince George and Princess Charlotte looking cute and cosy Source:

We are not boasting or anything but truly our kids waterproof suits are fit for a prince – and a princess. This autumn they’ll be keeping many young heirs dry. Whatever the British weather throws at them, our waterproofs have it covered. And the whole range including packasuits, fleece-lined waterproof suits and shell suits is included in the Hippychick 20% off Product of the Month offer during September, so grab a bargain! We’ve also got a brand new purple packasuit coming early next month, which we hope you’ll really love.

Our kids waterproof suits have had the seal of approval from thousands of parents since we launched them and they continue to be one of our best-sellers. Even in (shh!) high places …

Hippychick kids waterproof suits
Going for a walk in my waterproof suit

Does Prince George sport a Hippychick waterproof suit?

If perchance, we’d heard that Prince George had been spotted wearing one of our all in one waterproofs, we’d have to stay totally tight-lipped about that. We might be tempted to run a big splash on the telly, book some bus ads, buy a few pages in the parenting magazines but we couldn’t and wouldn’t do it. We would love the media attention, we totally understand that the Royal Family, like most families, value their privacy.

Nonetheless, as you can’t fail to see, young Prince George – bless his cotton socks (where are they from?) – has a powerful effect on nursery fashion worldwide. Where the Royals go, others follow because they are the Ultimate Official Discerners of Quality. Have you ever bought a nursery product because the Duchess of Cambridge has? Let us know via our Hippychick Facebook page.

There’s also the ethical question: clearly the Duchess of Cambridge is not going to buy clothes for Prince George that might have been made by a child only slightly older than himself, working in a factory. Kate understands the power she has to positively influence shopping habits and her support for British brands and ethically-produced goods is great news for small, family firms like Hippychick.

A Royal nod gives baby businesses a big step up

In a Telegraph article from 2014, when Prince George had his first birthday, it was noted: “Even a nod of support or recognition from the Prince George camp can give small businesses an almighty boost. With small businesses fighting really hard every day to contend with the big boys, this sort of opportunity can have a fantastic positive effect on all involved.”

And now of course, Prince George has been joined by Princess Charlotte and a third Royal baby may soon be on the way. We can’t wait! When you think about it, it’s a tough balance for the Duchess: on one hand protecting the royal children from being exploited and on the other, doing her bit for British design. In the end, family life always comes first. Following in Diana’s footsteps, Kate seems to be giving her children a wonderful, fun-packed childhood.

Kids waterproof suits: must-haves for the busy family

In our book, normal family activity includes lots of water, mud, sand, chocolate and ice cream – sometimes mixed together. Our kids waterproof suits are a fantastic first line of defence for all outdoor play. They are comfortable, breathable and washable. If your child enjoys wearing it, that’s the ultimate accolade. Don’t we all know how toddlers can kick off about wearing uncomfortable clothes! When parents come back and order bigger sizes, we know that our all-in-ones have received the baby thumbs-up.

On a serious note, we want to make sure children have the freedom to run and play without tripping up or struggling with cuffs. We think about all the little details.

Hippychick kids waterproof suits
Grown-ups coming; let’s run away!

Back indoors, our waterproof suits continue to earn their keep, during painting and messy play activities – or even during mealtimes, if you’re particularly paranoid about your toddler’s eating habits!

Colour-wise, although we have pink and blue suits – and now purple, we also have unisex colours too. There is something for everyone!

Hippychick kids waterproof suits
It’s a perfect landing from this future Olympian gymnast!

If your youngster likes to do a runner, when you’re out and about, you’ll notice that our colours are very tasteful but vibrant enough to be spotted easily as they tear off into the distance…

Have fun!