Scott Bateman

Job title: Deputy Warehouse Manager

After a brief hiatus, the Hippychick team were delighted to give Scott a very warm welcome back! Ensuring orders are fulfilled, managing warehouse stock, and coordinating with an ever changing network of delivery drivers are just some of the day to day tasks Scott takes in his stride as Deputy Warehouse Manager. Scott’s return marks the continuation of a journey started over 12 years ago.

Scott in 30 seconds:

First childhood toy: Toy Car

Recent Netflix/TV series binge? The Sinner

First thing you do when you get home? Ask the kids how their day was

Favourite Hippychick Memory: Staff BBQ

Interesting fact about yourself? 

I don’t like receiving presents

What 3 Hippychick items would you take on a desert island and why? 

Survival chances 8.5/10 –

A pragmatist. Scott has seen/handled more of the Hippychick stock options than almost anyone else – so his choices aren’t to be taken lightly. The above selection requires no explanation, with shelter and comfort rightly prioritised. Would Scott escape? Who knows. Either way, he’d certainly survive in style.

10% off your next order?

Yes please

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