Rowan White

Job title: Customer Service Executive

In late 2018 customers and accounts ringing Hippychick suddenly found themselves being met with the calming presence of Rowan. A people person through and through, Rowan deals with every customer query smoothly and efficiently.   Responsible for the processing of orders across the board, Rowan is a vital cog in the Hippychick machine!

Rowan in 30 Seconds:

Favourite Takeaway? Swartz Brothers in Bath

Recent TV series binge? The Durrells

First thing you do when you get home? Cuddle and play with my dog

Interesting fact about yourself? I have a bit of a weird phobia of buckles

Favourite Hippychick memory? The really lovely Mexican food that we had at the Christmas party from Purple Spoon

3 songs to motivate you on a Monday morning? Everlong by Foo Fighters, Life is good by Future (Featuring Drake) & Panda by Desiigner

What 3 Hippychick items would you take on a desert island and why? 

  • Travel Pillow no need to explain that one
  • A ‘For Little Fingers’ Dinner Set because then I do not have to carve my own cutlery and plate and cup from driftwood that I might or might not find on the beach
  • A Large Nattou cuddly to hug at night so I do not get lonely on the Island

Survival Chances 6.5/10 – We like the practicality with the Dinner Set, but it (sensibly) doesn’t come with the knife that would be so useful. The cuddly and the pillow are comfortable but as with the dinner set, this survival pack needs a bit more of an edge.


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