Olivia Keep

Job Title: Social Media Content Creator

Joining at the end of 2023, Olivia is in charge of the Hippychick Social Media sphere. Whether it is creating posts or identifying trends and influencers, Olivia has her finger on the button!

Olivia in 30 Seconds:

First childhood toy: Earliest memory is a Playskool ladybird pram 

Recent TV series binge: Orange is the New Black (late to the party) 

Favourite aspect of your job at Hippychick? 

I love the family environment. Everyone works as a team and helps out in all departments when needed. It’s a really lovely place to work

Interesting fact about yourself? 

I was home schooled from Year 8 and started college full time when I was 15

Favourite Hippychick Memory: 

My first warehouse sale. I love seeing the build up and how excited everyone gets on social media.

First thing I do when I get home? 

Straight to the school run to collect the kiddies

What 3 Hippychick items I would take on a desert island and why:

  •  Hippychick Dream Tubes – Flotation device. Also easily portable
  •  Hippychick Feeding Pillow – For comfort and take the insert out and use for scavenging
  •  Vilac Bow, Arrows & Target Kit (I could file down and use for gathering food resources)

Survival Chances 9.75/10

Extraordinary intuition from Olivia. The first employee to truly fuse the modern comforts of the Hippychick product range with primaeval hunting methodologies. To cap it off there’s even a possible escape route too – homeschooling has clearly paid off.



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