Julia Minchin

Job title: Founder and Joint MD

After starting Hippychick in 1999, Julia has been at the helm for well over 20 years. She has been to countless baby fairs all over the country, and overseen many different products, some more successful than others! Julia tells us it hasn’t got any easier – but is still enjoying the challenge of running a business every day, and doesn’t plan to stop anytime soon.

Julia in 30 seconds:

Tea or Coffee? Coffee first thing, green tea for the rest of the day

Recent TV series binge? Money Heist! (Thrilling Spanish show with subtitles)

First thing you do when you get home? Walk the dogs, check the sheep and sort out any fights over who has/hasn’t done the washing up…

First childhood toy?  A Hobby Horse – he was blue with a white mane and white eyes – my sister had one too, both made by my mother

Favourite Hippychick memory? So many memories… going to the Dublin Baby Show on a freight ferry during a huge storm in the Irish Sea certainly sticks out! Happier times include  finding a message attached to a balloon in the field from a little boy, asking us to email with how far it travelled. It had come all the way from Wales! After getting in contact we arranged for a Trybike to be sent to him and it was an amazing moment to able to help spread some positivity during the first lockdown of 2020!

What 3 Hippychick products would you take on a desert island and why?

Survival Chances 8/10 – An unusual selection but points for creativity. Questionable use of the Tron given the LiteCup would be better suited for getting water. Although, Julia has been able to keep Hippychick afloat throughout the years so we think she’s up to the task!

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