Joanne Newman

Job title: Credit Controller

Despite being our most recent addition to the team (Joining in April 2021), Joanne has settled in extremely quickly. She refused to comment when asked for the exact reason, but suspicions remain high on it being due to the friendly atmosphere in the office.

Joanne in 30 seconds:

Tea or Coffee? Neither, Hot Chocolate

Favourite Takeaway?  Fish and Chips

Recent Netflix/TV series binge?  Death in Paradise

First childhood toy?  Blue rabbit teddy

Interesting fact about yourself/any strange phobias?  I am ambidextrous! (Joanne hasn’t said whether this will make her work twice as fast or not)

What 3 Hippychick items would you take on a desert island and why?

  • Hippychick Cellular Blanket – to keep warm at night
  • Classic World Carpenter Tool box – to help me build a signal for help
  • Nattou Cuddly Toys (specifically Jim the Dog) – to keep me company

Survival chances 7.5/10 – A classic mixture which belies Joanne’s relative inexperience with Hippychick range. There’s blanket-given warmth, a chance of escape with the signal, and the cuddly toys for comfort when that inevitably fails. All in all a decent first effort.

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Yes please

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