Heloise D’Souza

Job title: PR Consultant

Since 2014, Heloise has been a driving force behind countless photo shoots and PR content, helping Hippychick to get seriously recognised both within the industry and commercially. Whilst she doesn’t work in the office full time, this doesn’t mean her influence is lessened in any way!

Heloise in 30 Seconds:

Recent TV series binge? I know I’m late to the party but I’m currently ploughing through This is Us. It’s a show that’s got everything that I love in a drama – dysfunctional families, food obsession, a great script and a liberal sprinkling of schmaltz.

First thing you do when you get home? I work from home so that’s a difficult question! But when I down tools, if it’s still light and the weather’s halfway decent, I try and go for an early evening walk with the dog. I love that time of day when the sun’s starting to go down.

First childhood toy? My sister and I shared a large toy dog called Corky with big eyes and floppy ears.  We used to lock ourselves into a small cupboard under the stairs in the dark, convinced that if no one else could hear or see him, he would talk to us. Hours of fun but to no avail.  My sister still has him though he is in a bit of a sorry state now…

Interesting fact about yourself? I unfortunately discovered I was allergic to wasps last summer when I was stung and had to be rushed to hospital for a shot of adrenaline!

Favourite Hippychick memory? I think probably when the Singing Children of Africa came to visit. I spent hours baking Nigella brownies for them only to discover that all they really wanted to eat was pizza. I don’t think one got eaten but it was an amazing experience.

What 3 Hippychick items would you take on a desert island and why? 

  • The Hipseat– I frequently wear one even though my children are now grown up because I have a bad back and it provides fantastic lumbar support.
  • A Travel Pillow accompanies on EVERY trip.
  • A Waterproof Bed Protector is a must if you don’t have a proper bed and need to lay your head down where the ground is wet. 

Survival Chances 5/10 – Heloise seems to want to use the Bed Protector as a pillow as well – using two items on minor comfort unfortunately isn’t a strategy as well thought out as some of her PR campaigns. We only hope there aren’t any wasps on the island…


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