Hannah Headford

Job title: Account Manager

Hannah started in August 2021 and is said to be enjoying learning all about the world of Amazon. Arriving just in time for the Christmas rush, Hannah will be navigating the accounts through the choppy financial waters of rising shipping costs!

Hannah in 30 seconds:  

Tea or Coffee? Green tea

Favourite Takeaway? Chinese 

Recent Netflix/TV series binge? The Leftovers

First thing you do when you get home? Kiss and cuddle my baby

3 songs to motivate you on a Monday morning? Queen – Don’t Stop me Now, Bob Marley – Is This Love,  Michael Jackson – Rock with you. 

Interesting fact about yourself/any strange phobias? I played piano for 15 years and got several grades and I’m also scared of every and any insect!

What 3 Hippychick items would you take on a desert island and why?

  • Hippychick Cellular Blanket – to keep warm at night, and rig it up for shade as it is nice and big!
  • Wheelybug – to whizz around the island on to find food.
  • Bumkins Splatmat – can hang from trees for great waterproof protection

Survival chances 6.5/10 – A nicely varied and useful selection considering the little time Hannah has had to acquaint herself with the product range. Unfortunately Hannah loses points due to her strained relationship with insects, and the fact that even the most well-oiled wheelybug can’t outrun some creepy crawlies. Hannah might enjoy learning about Amazon but we can only hope she steers well clear of the rainforest…


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