SnoozeShade Original

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SnoozeShade Original blocks 94% of light to create a dark, calm and shaded environment in prams or strollers to help babies nap. A safe, secure and simple solution to the common sight of blankets and other items thrown over a stroller hood to keep a tired baby asleep or help an alert baby to take a nap. Also available in a Deluxe version.

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Product Description

When naptime is over, use SnoozeShade to create an extension to the sun canopy on parent-facing strollers or to provide extra shade over the front of the stroller hood on forward-facing pushchairs.

For tandem strollers where one child sits behind the other, simply use one SnoozeShade per sun canopy.

Endorsed by the UK’s leading baby sleep expert, SnoozeShade Original is a great everyday essential to help babies get the sleep they need any time parents are out and about – such as shopping, appointments, holidays or eating out - during baby’s nap time.

Multi award-winning SnoozeShade Original is for parents who want to:

• maintain baby’s sleep schedule when away from home

• encourage good sleeping habits for even the most alert baby

• protect baby’s delicate skin and eyes from the sun’s harsh rays

No more …..

• baby waking up due to bright sun or other distractions

• pegging muslins or draping blankets over a stroller

• wasting money on different products for different strollers

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