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The award-winning My Buggy Buddy Clip is an essential piece of pram kit and the answer to every parent’s prayers! It allows parents to carry bags on their prams safely and securely. The loop shaped device could not be easier to use. It simply snaps on to the pram handle and is held in place using a metal clip.

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My Buggy Buddy
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Product Description

Multiple bags including shopping bags, changing bags and handbags can be strung onto the loop before the clip is locked back in place, putting an end to the frustrating and potentially dangerous practice of steering prams with one hand while holding bags with another. Obviously common sense is required so that you don’t overload your buggy!

The foam coating ensures that the clip doesn’t mark or damage your pushchair. It is also available in a lockable version so that you can secure your buggy if you need to leave it when out and about.


  • Made from an aluminium alloy with a foam coating
  • Weight: 78g
  • available in black, pink and blue


  • Practical Pre-school Silver 2012,
  • Loved By Parents - Best Travel Product 2011,
  • Practical Pre-school Bronze 2011,
  • Bizzie Baby - Gold 2011,

Product Testimonials

LovedByParents have chosen their favourite buggy accessories - 'a great piece of simple, inexpensive pram kit'
‘I’ve long been a fan of the Buggy Buddy – the genius huge clip that allows you to hook all kinds of things to your pushchair. Now they’ve gone one better – with a padlock! It’s on a combination lock – dead easy to set and perfect for the Summer whether on days out here or abroad. With the launch of the new Bugaboo Donkey at over £1000 and parents spending more and more on their pushchairs it makes total sense to lock up your wheels!’

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