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The Hipseat is a generous back supporting belt incorporating a built in seat for babies as young as six months and toddlers as old as three to perch on. Its innovative design protects parents from the huge strain that can be put on backs by carrying heavy children for prolonged periods of time. The Hippychick Hipseat is the original and the best.

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Product Description

Our award winning Hipseat has been developed to allow adults to carry their children naturally on their hip without the usual strains on the back - it is ideal for babies and toddlers aged 6 months up.

The Hipseat is renowned for its durability, style and comfort. It is tough, hardwearing and machine washable.

The Hippychick Hipseat is a back supporting belt, with an integral padded foam shelf, developed to allow adults to carry their children naturally on their hip without the usual strains on the back.

Specifically designed to address one of the root causes of adult back pain, the seat provides a firm shelf for the child to sit on and supports their increasingly heavy weight from underneath. Instead of twisting the spine, the back stays straight and the child is tucked into the chest on whichever side is more comfortable for the wearer, providing comfort and security for both adult and child.

As well as being a comfortable way of carrying your child it has the added benefit of encouraging interaction.

The Hipseat has a padded seat with a non-slip pad for extra comfort and is available in 5 fantastic colours - Hot Pink, Black, Purple, Grey and Navy.

Each Hipseat is packed in an Eco drawstring bag for easy storage.



•Endorsed and recommended by osteopaths, chiropractors, physiotherapists and health centres

•Fits all sizes (extension available for more comfortable figures)

•Designed in the UK and fully tested to European Safety Standards (EN13209-2: 2005)

•Removable lightweight seat

•Simple, practical and easy to use

•Machine washable

•Suitable for children aged 6 months - 3 years (6-20kgs)

•Optional attachable Hipseat Pouch available in all colours

•Organic cotton drawstring Tote Bags to store your Hipseat

Dos and Don'ts for Hippychick Hipseat


•Wrap belt tight around waist with seat above right hip (the snugger the fit the better the support for your back).  Secure and swivel round to either hip.

•Place child on seat with legs astride if facing in, or bottom firmly on seat if facing out.


•Always keep one hand on your child

•Your balance may be adversely affected by your movement and that of your child.

•Not suitable for use during sporting activities


  • Practical Pre-school Silver 2011,
  • Loved By Parents - Best Carrier 2011,
  • Right Start - Best Baby Essentials 2011,
  • Practical Parenting - 2010,
  • Practical Pre-school Gold 2009,

Product Testimonials

"I recommend the Hippychick Hipseat to all parents with young children" Dr Kay Pearce (Chiropractor) BSc (Hons), MSc, DC
"I know the hipseat is good for my back but the nicest thing for me and Katie is that we can chatter away and sing together on all our outings, pointing things out and talking about things we see. Katie speaks very well for her age, and I think it is partly due to the hipseat and not being stuck in her buggy." R Thomas
'One of my 3 mummy must-haves' - Tamzin Outhwaite. April 2013. Read her Twitterview with Made for Mums

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